NEO Brushless Motor V1.1

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New for the NEO V1.1:A tapped #10-32 hole was added to the end of the shaft, allowing teams to retain pinions on the shaft without the need for an external retaining ring.A tapped #10-32 hole was a...Read More

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New for the NEO V1.1:

  • A tapped #10-32 hole was added to the end of the shaft, allowing teams to retain pinions on the shaft without the need for an external retaining ring.
  • A tapped #10-32 hole was added to the back housing of the motor. When a #10-32 x 3/8in long socket head screw is inserted into this hole and tightened finger tight, this screw supports the internal shaft while pressing pinions, making it no longer necessary to remove the motor housing to press pinions (instructions coming soon).
  • Additional holes were added to the front face of the motor, which allows for more flexibility in orientation when mounting the motor.

The REV Robotics NEO Brushless Motor is the first brushless motor designed to meet the unique demands of the FRC community. The NEO has an impressive power to weight ratio. This motor has the same mounting features everyone loves, four 10-32 tapped holes 0.5 inches deep on a two-inch circle. This motor can be a drop-in replacement anywhere you can use a CIM-style motor.

The NEO has been optimized to work with the REV Robotics SPARK MAX Motor Controller to deliver best-in-class performance and feedback. Brushless motors like the NEO V1.1 and NEO 550 can only be driven using brushless motor controllers and will be damaged if used incorrectly. 

Pre-Pressed Pinions:
This motor can be selected without a pinion for you to use existing hardware, or you can select one of two pinion options. We offer a pre-pressed fifteen tooth pinion preparing the NEO for use in our EVO Shifter transmissions and EVO Slim gearboxes. We also offer a version with a sixteen tooth pinion. This pinion allows the NEO to be used in a CIM Sport planetary gearbox. 

  • Drop-in replacement for CIM-style motors: Anywhere a CIM can go, the NEO can go.
  • Front and Rear Ball Bearings: The output shaft is supported in several places making it superior at handling loads. 
  • High-Temperature Neodymium Magnets: Strong magnets capable of handling the abuse of competitive robotics.
  • High-Flex Silicone Motor Wires: For superior wire management.
  • Integrated Encoder: For built-in position feedback.
  • Motor Temperature Sensor: For monitoring the health of your motor and spotting issues sooner.

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  • Diameter (Body): 2.36 in. (60 mm)
  • Diameter (Shaft): 8mm with 2mm Keyway
  • Encoder Counts Per Revolution: 42
  • Free Current: 1.8 Amps
  • Free Speed: 5676 RPM
  • Length (Body): 2.3 in. (58.25 mm)
  • Length (Shaft): 1.38 in. (35 mm)
  • Manufacturer Part #: REV-21-1650
  • Maximum Power: 406 Watts
  • Motor Kv: 473 Kv
  • Mounting Geometry: Four 10-32 holes on a 2 in. circle
  • Stall Current: 105 Amps
  • Stall Torque: 2.6 Nm
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Weight: 0.938 lbs


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