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For a limited time, Waterjet Cutting Services will be 10% off, all pricing discounts will be reflected in the quoted price and when added to your cart. AndyMark strives to provide customers with in...Read More

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Product Overview

For a limited time, Waterjet Cutting Services will be 10% off, all pricing discounts will be reflected in the quoted price and when added to your cart. 

AndyMark strives to provide customers with innovative parts and services. Many customers don't have access to an affordable, timely waterjet cutting service. We've partnered with Waterjet Cutting by 221 Robotics to provide simple cutting services of sheet aluminum and polycarbonate. Customers can choose their material, upload a DXF drawing, choose how quickly they want parts cut, and the parts will be on their way! We are proud to offer this service with no minimum order and no service fees.

Here are a few suggestions of parts that can be fabricated through this service:
  • Gearbox plates
  • Material for angles, before being bent by you
  • Custom brackets and gussets
  • Linkages
  • Sprockets (without chamfered teeth)
  • Electrical layout panels
  • Robot belly pans


Having issues getting a quote? Send us an email via support@andymark.com  with your STEP and DXF file(s) along with the outer dimensions of your part. We can help clean up files, or help identify any issues that may be preventing a quote from going through.


Please note that the chosen Fulfillment Option is in addition to the cost and time it takes to ship the package - see our shipping page for more information. We also will not schedule the cutting fabrication until we receive payment for the order. If the order includes additional AndyMark products, they will all ship together after the waterjet parts have been processed.

Once the part has started being processed, the order is final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Design Best Practices:

  • The DXF file must be version 14 or newer with specified measurement units to be processed.
    • Attention OnShape Users: to make sure your files get processed & scaled correctly, make sure your workspace units are set to inches, and then when you export the DXF file set the version to 2018. 
  • The minimum hole size is 0.09 inches 
  • Inside corners will be cut to have a radius of 0.020" if no fillet is present 
  • Larger radius dimensions on corners will speed up the cut and generally reduce cost 
  • No part can be larger than 4'x4'
  • Accuracy of cuts no tighter than +/- 0.007"
    • This includes the slight taper caused by the jet
    • Design holes for bearings to be at least 0.007" diameter smaller than the final bearing diameter. The customer will need to provide finishing reaming / drilling / sanding to get final bearing diameter.
  • Parts are sent WITHOUT deburring or sanding, so they may have sharp corners and edges. Most parts will require some post-processing by the customer.


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NI roboRIO 2.0



AndyMark FRC Field Perimeter



Limelight 2+




3 reviews

  1. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    Parts conform to drawing with once order, made ...

    Parts conform to drawing with once order, made in wrong material (too thin) for other order but still acceptable. There appears to be mild deburring via tumbling applied. More will be needed when you receive your parts. Turn around is slow compared to other services. Shipping is (relatively) expensive. Cost per part is competitive.

    JW from CARMEL

    Verified Purchaser

  2. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    Waterjet cutting

    Andymark, especially Adam, did a great job helping me get the parts we needed and they turned out great. We got them in a timely manner.


    Verified Purchaser

  3. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars


    Ordered 0.25" steel plate for saw table upgrade. Part came quick and quality for as cut, no post processing is excellent. Price is very good. Will definitely use again - I am literally in the process of ordering more parts now. The system is picky about the dxf file. Only one of my CAD tools produced a file that the ordering system liked. Alibre CAD worked fine, Fustion 360 DXF causes a "missing file" error. Something is different in the Fusion DXF header but haven't homed in on it yet.

    C K

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