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Ships in in 5-7 business days. This is our old version of the Swerve & Steer that we are selling at a reduced price to clear old inventory. There may be some small substitutions in parts as inv...Read More

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Ships in in 5-7 business days. 
This is our old version of the Swerve & Steer that we are selling at a reduced price to clear old inventory. There may be some small substitutions in parts as inventory of previous versions is depleted. These substitutions will not degrade performance. If this is out of stock it likely means we have used up all of our inventory of this version. For a comparable version please see am-3009_PG on our new Swerve and Steer landing page.  

The Swerve and Steer module is an all-in-one swerve gearbox AND steering module. The wheel propulsion is powered by a CIM Motor, while the steering torque is managed by a PG71 gearmotor. Both of these motors are mounted to a main motor plate, which can easily be mounted to your robot frame or other structure via the 0.5 in. hole pattern around the perimeter. 

The PG71 has an encoder on the back side of the 775 motor, which can help keep track of the steering location. In order to use this method of closed-loop encoder tracking, use a 3/16" allen wrench or pin/screw to ensure that the motor plate, bearing plate, and gear plate are all aligned before operation. Alternatively, there is a location to mount an optional absolute encoder (am-3308).  
Both motors are included in the low price. 
This module is shipped fully assembled.

Improvements Log:
  • 11/2019 Standardized CIM pinion to 1/2 in. face width with 3/8 in. of centered tooth engagement 
  • 9/2019 Removed unused hole and adjusted thickness on bearing plate  
  • 8/2019 The motor mount plate has been widened to make mounting to box tubing frames easier and the lightning pattern has been redesigned. Note this change means they no longer 100% drop in replacements for old modules. See CAD for details.  
  • 8/2019: The PG71 now uses a 1/2 in. hex shaft as the 3/8 in. hex PGs are being phased out. 
  • 1/2019: The PG71 now uses a 3/8 in. hex shaft and the gear mounted to it has access holes for easy tightening and removal of the gearmotor.
  • 7/2017: The keys used to transmit torque from the CIM were widened to prevent it from becoming dislodged. 
  • 7/2017: The collar clamp on the CIM pinion was replaced with one of higher quality to improve clamping force. 
  • 7/2016: The absolute encoder, am-3308 now has mounting locations to give a 1:1 gear ratio to the module via the 40 tooth encoder gear for easier programing. 
  • 7/2016: The 12 tooth CIM pinion now has a wider slot to allow for a 2mm key to more securely lock the gear to the motor. 

Drive Gearing & Ratio:
  • 12 tooth spur gear is driven by CIM Motor
  • 40 tooth spur gear is driven by 12 tooth spur gear
  • 20 tooth bevel gear is co-axial with and driven by 40 tooth spur gear
  • 40 tooth bevel gear is driven by 20 tooth bevel gear
  • 4" HiGrip Wheel is co-axial with and driven by the 40 tooth bevel gear
  • Overall Gear Ratio: 6.67:1
Drive Speed:
  • 660 rpm
  • 11.5 ft/sec
Steer Gearing & Ratio:
  • 48 tooth spur gear is driven by PG71 gearmotor
  • 40 tooth spur gear is driven by 48 tooth gear
  • Lower portion of module pivots directly with the 40 tooth gear
  • Steer Speed: 90 rpm
Steering control:
Motors Included:
  • 1 CIM motor for Driving
  • 1 PG71 for Steering
Team 1640 has some example code for driving a swerve system. Their Cheif Delphi post can be found here, https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2704. The Library and explanation can be downloaded here, https://files.andymark.com/FRC1640_2011_PivotDriveLibrary.zip


  • Overall Height: 12.04 in.
  • Product Lifecycle: replaced by <a href='/products/swerve-and-steer?sku=am-3009_CPPA'>am-3009_CPPA</a>
  • Ratio: 6.67:1
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs


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