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Your one-stop-shop for all your FTC Chassis needs!ConfigurabilityFIRST Tech Challenge teams are unique and require unique solutions. The Configurable FTC Chassis has been developed around five main...Read More

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Product Overview

Your one-stop-shop for all your FTC Chassis needs!


FIRST Tech Challenge teams are unique and require unique solutions. The Configurable FTC Chassis has been developed around five main configurations: The original TileRunner 6-wheel drop center or 4-wheel drive (mecanum or traction + omni), , the TreadRunner (tank treads), and the super smooth MecanAM Chassis.
  • Need a balanced drive train that can turn on a dime? Choose a 6-wheel configuration.
  • Want to use one end of your robot as the center of rotation to help with alignment? Choose a traction + omni option.
  • Precision movements in all directions part of your game plan? Mecanum variations allow for omnidirectional movement of your robot.
  • Need to get up and over obstacles? TreadRunner variants can overcome those pesky hurdles.
  • The MecanAM Chassis has omnidirectional movement capabilities that can help drivers smoothly avoid obstacles and quickly change drive direction.
When selecting your options, rest assured we've considered all the pieces and parts you'll need for the build. You'll only need some tools and your favorite workspace. If you already have many of the components that make up a TileRunner we have options above as well for no motors and/or no plates and/or no wheels!


Knowing where to start is no problem! The brief objectives listed below provide you with the best TileRunner Options.
  • The standard basic 6-Wheel TileRunner to get started - BT6S841
  • High Maneuverability in any Direction - BTRMH4E
  • High traction and pushing power - BT6S46A
  • Fast and Easy to turn - BT6O62A

Looking for the Original TileRunners

Original TileRunners still exist, just as a different configurator product number! Below you will see links for equivalents under this new structure.
  • TileRunner Frame Only (This requires your own PicoBox plates, NeveRest Motors, and Wheels) as BTFNWNN
  • TileRunner Original 6WD am-3437 as BT6S84E
  • TileRunner Limited Edition (am-3437_LE) as BT6S841
  • TileRunner BullDozer (am-3437_bd) as BT6S56E
  • TileRunner Omni (am-3437_omni) as BT6OC4E
  • TileRunner Hulk (am-3437_hulk) as BT6PB4E

Understanding Part Numbers

FIRST Tech Challenge Chassis Configurator

FIRST Tech Challenge Chassis Configurator

Speed & Gearing

With four ratios of NeveRest motors and three PicoBox gearbox ratios, a TileRunner can achieve 12 different speeds based on your needs. Just remember that a faster robot will have less torque available to push, climb, or bulldoze.

Structure & Usage

The foundation of this drive base is a set of aluminum plates, brackets, and struts that provide a sturdy frame to build upon. All of the holes in the sheet metal are on a global 16 mm pattern, which integrates with numerous structure components across several vendors.
A 15.75-inch by 11.34-inch perforated polycarbonate sheet acts as a belly pan in the TileRunner and TreadRunner chassis. The sheet features 0.15-inch holes on a 16 mm square and has a thickness of 0.09 inches. This pan adds rigidity and a multitude of mounting locations for additional components like electronics!
The Peanut and Churro cross members can also be moved into a number of alternate locations to best suit your robot's configuration needs.

Performance, Rugged, Configurable

The TileRunner was designed with the FIRST Tech Challenge community in mind. The usage doesn't stop there, however, it can work well for many other robotic competition platforms of similar size. Years of lessons from designing, building, and competing with championship-winning drive systems have gone into this robust drive system that integrates well with teams' existing FTC parts.


To streamline component allocation, please allow for 2-3 days for processing on Configurable FTC Chassis orders.


  • Product Lifecycle: <a href='/pages/first-tech-challenge-chassis-drive-system-base-drivetrain'>More FTC Chassis options available!</a>


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