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The Flyer Gearbox is our next generation of overdrive gearbox for FRC perfect for sending game pieces flying through the air, but it's also so much more! It is unique in that is it the first gearbo...Read More

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Product Overview

The Flyer Gearbox is our next generation of overdrive gearbox for FRC perfect for sending game pieces flying through the air, but it's also so much more! It is unique in that is it the first gearbox for FRC that is designed to be an "overdrive" (spinning the output shaft faster than the input) but also be an "underdrive" (reducing the output shaft speed compared to the input) all in a single versatile gearbox. Both gears have the same 1/2 in. hex bore on them letting the user decide if they want to put them in an underdrive or overdrive configuration. That's why there are two ratios listed when making your ratio selection, both are possible with the same purchase!

The gearbox comes with a short 1/2 in. hex output shaft that protrudes about 2 in. from EITHER face of the gearbox, but ANY Toughbox Output Shaft can be selected to replace it. Since both the front and rear bearings are 1.125 in. OD you can even replace the rear bearing with another 1/2 in. hex bearing and run whatever length of 1/2 in. hex shaft you want as a pass through with no machining whatsoever. Just retain it with 2 collar clamps and be sure to support the end. This could make a great roller intake when paired with some of our wheels.

The "wings" of the gearbox are designed to slot over any 1 in. wide extrusion such as Peanut or Box Tube for an easy mounting option to the frame of your robot.

This gearbox has three hardware options for input, CIM/NEO, Falcon, and Sport Gearbox.  The first two are great options for flywheel shooters that give you a nice bearing supported output shaft, dialed into the optimum gear ratio that can absorb the shock loads and deflection associated with a fast spinning wheel contacting game pieces. The third option, using a Sport gearbox, lets you get another stage of reduction while helping you securely mount your mechanism and getting a optionally reversed, offset shaft. This could be great for something like a climber. Please note, these options simply change the hardware that comes with the Flyer, they do not include a motor or planetary gearbox. 

We also offer the no gears option if you want to supply your own gears to get a ratio we don't currently offer. Any two 20DP 1/2 in. wide, 1/2 in. hex bore gears that total 70 teeth can be used inside this gearbox. You can also use an empty shell as the mount point for the other end of an extended shaft for a symmetrical setup.


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  • Diametral Pitch: 20
  • Gear Spacing: 70 teeth
  • Gear Width: 0.500 in.
  • Motor Input: CIM/NEO, Falcon, 1/2 in. Hex
  • Motor Quantity: 1
  • Output Shaft: 0.500 in. Hex, 2 in. long.
  • Plate Material: 5052 Aluminum
  • Pressure Angle: 20 Degrees
  • Ratio: 1:2.88, ⠀1:2.5, ⠀1:1.92, ⠀1:1.33, ⠀1:1, ⠀1.33:1, ⠀1.92:1, ⠀2.5:1, ⠀2.88:1
  • Weight: 1.04 - 1.56 pounds


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    Flyer Overdrive Gearbox Installed on Ball Shooter

    We went through many iterations for motor and gear configurations with our energy cell motor and drive system. We ended up with the Flyer Overdrive Gearbox directly driven from a single falcon 500 motor. The combination works great. With the multiple gearing options for this you can step up output to meet your needs. We started with a 1:2.88 and are currently using a 1:1.92. Its simply designed, simple to change out and seems robust and it mounts directly to our shooter and the falcon mounts directly to it. Great little gearbox which solved our shooter dilema.


    Verified Purchaser

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