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This item is restricted for shipment in some countries. Please check international shipping restrictions before ordering. BRAND NEW NEXT-GENERATION SENSOR NOW AVAILABLE - leveraging new sensors an...Read More

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Product Overview

This item is restricted for shipment in some countries. Please check international shipping restrictions before ordering. 

BRAND NEW NEXT-GENERATION SENSOR NOW AVAILABLE - leveraging new sensors and state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver a leap forward in accuracy and performance.

“Generation 2” navX2-MXP is a drop-in replacement for “Classic” navX-MXP, adding significant performance enhancements. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about navX2-MXP's new and enhanced capabilities.

navX2 MXP 4.1

Key specifications include:

  • 9-Axis Inertial/Magnetic Sensor (Gyro / Accelerometer / Magnetometer)
  • Intelligent Motion Processor
  • RoboRIO Expansion I/O
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Many capabilities:

  • Field-oriented drive, auto-balancing, collision detection, motion detection, auto-rotate-to-angle, linear velocity vectors and more…
  • 10 Digital I/Os, 4 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, and TTL UART / I2C / SPI ports.
  • Easily installed via RoboRIO’s MXP Expansion connector or USB port.
  • C++, Java and LabView libraries and sample application code simplify integration.
  • Existing navX-MXP users can upgrade easily.
  • Free software libraries & example code are available for easy integration and use.

What's New and Improved in navX2-MXP

  • Significantly improved yaw accuracy and stability, even during Extreme inertial events. navX2-MXP features very high-accuracy orientation (yaw/pitch/roll), with minimal yaw drift of ~0.5 degree per minute when moving, and < 0.2 degrees/hour when still. navX2-MXP is incredibly stable, and averages a yaw drift of only 2 degrees per DAY when still. navX2-MXP's new Industrial-class ISM330DHCX IMU sensor handles high rotation (4000 degree/second) and impact (16G, operates in higher temperature environments and can survive extreme shock events (20,000G).
  • Rapid (5-second) auto-calibrating startup.
  • navX2-MXP features an upgraded 180Mhz 32-bit floating-point ARM processor, the new sensors, and new state-of-the-art software algorithms which take navX technology to the next level, including a blazing-fast 416-Khz Kalman Filter, enhanced sensor calibration and algorithms which fuse gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer data into a “9-axis heading”.
  • As a result of these upgrades, the accuracy of Velocity Vector Measurements and Displacement Estimates is also improved.

More technical details are available in the navX2 MXP technical specifications and there's even more information at navX2-MXP Online.

Warranty: For Studica/Kauai product warranty replacements or assistance with navX products, please contact Studica via email,


  • Connector Type: Power: USB and/or 5VDC/GND Pins on MXP Connector
  • Current: 60 ma consumption
  • Interface(s): USB, TTL UART, SPI, I2C
  • Voltage: 5V DC
  • Weight: less than 0.15 Lbs.


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