FTC Starter Kit with GTO Tile and S3 Mega Kit



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Product Description:Now, for the first time a starter kit is available to teams that will support a competition worthy robot and not just deliver a sampling of parts. Unique to the AndyMark Starter...Read More

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Product Description:
Now, for the first time a starter kit is available to teams that will support a competition worthy robot and not just deliver a sampling of parts.

Unique to the AndyMark Starter Kit is the opportunity for customization by teams. Depending on your available budget and existing inventory of parts we have three levels of S3 bundles and 4 different TileRunner options to allow you to customize the kit to meet your needs.

The S3 bundle portion of this kit matches the contents of the stand alone S3 bundles (Expansion, Basic, and Mega) but now at a higher discount!. The S3 system has been optimized for building all sorts of structures on top of the TileRunner foundation. This Simple Super Structure (S3) system is ideally suited for FTC sized robots with its compact size and high strength nature. The 16mm profile and hole spacing means the S3 system can interface with many other products in the grander FTC ecosystem from manufacturers like Tetrix and REV Robotics to expand the functionality of your existing parts.

Providing the foundation of the Starter Kit is one of 4 of our TileRunner options. The TileRunner is the premier drive base for FTC robots and provides a strong, robust, and reliable way to get around the field. The TileRunner comes with 3 different gear ratio options to allow teams to build, play, experiment and learn about how these choices affect the driving performance of the robot. With a vast number of mounting holes all over the sheet metal, the TileRunner is ideal for mounting any sort of Super Structure optimized for any year's game. Again all of the holes on TileRunner are 16mm apart so that they can be used with the S3 System along with other parts from additional manufacturers.

In addition to the selected S3 Bundle and TileRunner the Starter Kit also includes the following parts to fully outfit the rest of the robot. All of these parts have been carefully selected by our team of robot experts to easily interface with one another and provide an expansive portfolio of parts for further expansion.

  • One - NeveRest 40 Classic Gearmotor (am-2964a)
  • One - NeveRest 60 Classic Gearmotor (am-3103)
  • One - NeveRest 3.7 Orbital Gearmotor (am-3461a)
  • One - NeveRest Orbital 20 Gearmotor
  • One - PicoBox Super Servo (am-3907)
  • Two - 2" Compliant Wheel, 8mm, 35 Durometer, Green (am-3572_green)
  • One - 6mm Round Bore Single Boss Nub w/Set Screw (am-3442a)
  • One - 6mm Round Bore Double Boss Nub w/Set Screw (am-3413a)
  • Five - 6mm D-Bore Single Boss Nub w/Set Screw (am-3443a)
  • Three - 6mm D Bore Double Boss Nub w/Set Screw (am-3215a)
  • Two - 6mm D-Bore XL Double Boss Nub w/Set Screw (am-3441a)
  • Four - 24T Servo Nub w/Set Screw (am-3668)
  • Two - Bearing Nub with Bearing (am-3667)
  • Two - 6mm Collar Clamp, 20mm OD 5mm Width, Aluminum (am-3473)
  • One - 6mm D Shaft, 36mm, Plated (am-3226-036)
  • Two - 6mm D Shaft, 100mm, Plated (am-3226-100)
  • Two - 6mm D Shaft, 175mm, Plated (am-3226-175)
  • One - 6mm D Shaft, 450mm, Plated (am-3226-450)
  • Two - Plate for PicoBox Solo(am-3440)
  • Two - LEO Plate for PicoBox Orbital (am-3474)
  • Four - PicoBox Servo Motor Plate (am-3899)
  • One - Chain, #25 Single Strand-Riveted Roller Chain, 10' (am-0370)
  • Two - Sprocket, Ninja Star, 24T, 25 Series (am-3283)
  • Two - Sprocket, Ninja Star, 40T, 25 Series (am-3285)
  • Two - Half Link, #25 Roller Chain (am-0682)
  • Four - Master Link, #25 Roller Chain (am-0371)
  • Four - Servo, Hitec HS-311 (am-2586)
  • Four - Hall Effect Encoder Cable with 4-Pin Connector (am-2992)
  • Four - Encoder Cable for NeveRest Motors (am-3926)
  • Ten - 6x8x4 Flanged Spacer (am-1289)
  • 25 - SHCS, M3-0.5 x 5mm SS (am-1443)
  • Four - SCS, M2.5 -.45 x 8mm, Hex Drive, Grade A2-70 Stainless (am-1496)

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