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Last Updated: 4/28/2021AndyMark is working closely with FIRST to provide off-season services to organizations who wish to use AndyMark services to conduct INFINITE RECHARGE FRC events in July -Nove...Read More

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Last Updated: 4/28/2021

AndyMark is working closely with FIRST to provide off-season services to organizations who wish to use AndyMark services to conduct INFINITE RECHARGE FRC events in July -November of 2021.

Please see this announcement from FIRST on 4/28 for their official direction regarding FRC off-season events. Notice that their support of off-season FRC events begin after July 1, 2021.

Host organizations will need to follow a process established by FIRST to conduct their off-season INFINITE RECHARGE FRC event. While that process is taking place, they can also work with AndyMark on some preliminary logistics.

Off-season event services provided by AndyMark
  • Shipping field equipment to your event, which also includes the leadership of truck unloading and loading
  • Providing FRC field border
  • Providing game-specific field components (mechanical and electrical)
  • Providing electrical field control components
  • FTA services
  • Leading a volunteer crew of setting up, operating, and packing up the field
If you are interested in hosting an FRC off-season event for 2021, please fill out this survey. We have received 8 survey responses to date.
We will post results of requests for events on the AndyMark public calendar so the FIRST community can see what possible events may take place.

AndyMark will work with each requestor to reserve their event date with a deposit and determine what all is needed to conduct their events. Still, FIRST's process must be followed by the host organization.

Due to limited staff and available field hardware, AndyMark cannot promise to facilitate your event. We will work hard to communicate resource conflicts so that you can choose a date that best works for all parties. The intent of listing these events from our survey is to help the community find dates which are reasonably distributed through the 2021 summer and fall.

Event Requirements and Terms

AndyMark has used this contract for off-season events in past years. Please only use this as a reference until we have a new contract for 2021 finalized. It will change, with FIRST's input during the next few weeks.

AndyMark 2020 Offseason Contract

Services & Cost

All prices for off-season services have not been determined for 2021. We will have these finalized by May 28, 2021. Events in the past have cost $3,000 - $7,000, with the price range being mostly due to shipping distances. AndyMark can provide specific event pricing if and when FIRST approves equipment use.

Other Off-Season Options

  • AndyMark Field Perimeter Available for Purchase.
  • In order to save on costs, areas may opt to purchase a field perimeter for future use. Once a field is purchased AndyMark can help assist with sourcing game-specific elements, but groups may be responsible for their own transportation costs.
  • DIY Field: An alternative to using our field is to build a lower cost field out of wood. We have a complete design available for anyone to use if they wish. The raw material cost to make this field border is approximately $1000. This cost does not include the polycarbonate, the game elements, or any of the field electronics.
  • Software from FIRST is available, to be used at events without a full FMS scoring system setup.
  • Software from AndyMark is available, to be used for scoring display at events without a full FMS scoring system setup:
    • This is for live scoring display purposes and is a stand-alone program. Syncing the timer is by human operation only.
  • If you need the option of putting together a wooden field, see the wooden FRC field perimeter designed in 2008.

Here is the April 2021 FAQ from FIRST.


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