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If your team or group would like to host a Destination: Deep Space Off-Season Event, then look no further. On this page you will find a price breakdown for the costs associated with an off-season e...Read More

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Product Overview

If your team or group would like to host a Destination: Deep Space Off-Season Event, then look no further. On this page you will find a price breakdown for the costs associated with an off-season event. You can also check out what an off-season event contract looks like so you can learn what you can expect from AndyMark at your event and what we expect from you, the host.

Email with at least the following information to get started!
  • Event Name
  • Event Setup Date & Start Time
  • Event Start & End Date
  • Event Address
  • Main Contact Name
  • Main Contact Email
  • Main Contact Phone Number
Pricing Breakdown:
  • Field Perimeter - $500
    • This fee will cover the use of the mechanical portions of the field. This fee helps cover the costs of transporting the field to and from FIRST HQ as well as maintenance and upkeep for the field. This will include the following:
      • Welded Field perimeter OR AndyMark Extruded Field Perimeter
      • Enough Gaffers tape for on field use only
      • Cable ties to mount field hardware and wiring
      • The tools and hardware needed to assemble the field.
  • Field Electronics - $300
    • This fee will cover the field electronics required for 2019 scoring, field lighting, robot connection, and tournament management - including the referee scoring panels. This will include all electronics as they were provided for regional and district events.
    • FIRST mandates any event with Field Electronics must have a current trained FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) attending the event from event setup through event teardown.
  • Used Playing Field Carpet - $250
  • Game Specific Components- $600
    • This includes all items needed for HABs, Cargo Ships, and Rocket Ships. (For Cargo Ships to drop cargo and for Rocket Ships to illuminate, Field Electronics are needed.)
  • FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) Service - $600
    • Some events/regions have an FTA to help work them through their event. Other areas need us to come help. If your event needs electronics and does not have an FTA willing to attend this cost will ensure an AndyMark FTA is present to setup and run FMS equipment. We encourage events to find a local FTA to help at their event.
  • Shipping of Equipment - $2.50 per Mile
    • AndyMark will bring the field to your event in our dock height boxtruck for a cost of $2.50 per mile traveled to and from the event.
  • Game Piece Usage - $0, $500, or $900
    • You always have the option to use your own game pieces if you have enough. However if needed, a set of game pieces is available to rent. All hatches will be in a used condition. If you choose to rent all game pieces cargo will be used also. If renting, all game elements must be sent back with the field at the end of the event. A final option to purchase all new cargo but rent hatches exists for $900.
We WILL NOT provide your competition with:
  • Spare Gaffers/Duct Tape for queuing areas, signs, non-field equipment. Tape is available for purchase if your event would like more for event use, AndyMark Gaffers Tape.
  • Practice Field
  • Floor Protection
  • A/V Equipment (see below for details on interfacing A/V equipment with the FMS system)
  • Labor to Assemble/Disassemble the Field
Terms of Using the Field & Event Requirements:
All event requirements and expectations are listed in detail in our Service Contract, found below. Contract may be subject to change. An event is not officially reserved with us until we have received a signed contract and a non-refundable $500.00 deposit.

Interfacing with the Field Electronics:
The field electronics in 2019 has a laptop which provides HDMI out for video to display the live scoring. Sound can be passed out of the HDMI port or a 3.5mm audio jack. If you wish to display live scoring and have field sounds you will need to provide on your own equipment and cabling to grab these sources from the laptop.

Other Off-Season Options
  • AndyMark Field Perimeter Available for Purchase.
  • In order to save on costs, areas may opt to purchase a field perimeter for future use. Once a field is purchased AndyMark can help assist with sourcing game specific elements, but groups may be responsible for their own transportation costs.
  • DIY Field: An alternative to using our field is to build a lower cost field out of wood. We have a complete design available for anyone to use, if they wish. The raw material cost to make this field border is approximately $1000. This cost does not include the polycarbonate, the 2015-specific game elements, or any of the field electronics. Smaller wooden components may be available to borrow and use at smaller local demos and events.
  • Software from FIRST is available, to be used at events without a full FMS scoring system setup.
  • Software from AndyMark is available, to be used for scoring display at events without a full FMS scoring system setup:
    • This is for live scoring display purposes and is a stand alone program. Syncing the timer is by human operation only.
  • If you need the option of putting together a wooden field, see the wooden FRC field perimeter designed in 2008.

Last Updated: 04/22/2019

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