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This is the strong polycarbonate plastic hub for a 6-inch Pneumatic Wheel. The hub accepts any 6 x 1 1/4 tire and inner tube, 1.125 in. (outside diameter) ball bearings (2 per wheel are needed), an...Read More

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Product Overview

This is the strong polycarbonate plastic hub for a 6-inch Pneumatic Wheel. The hub accepts any 6 x 1 1/4 tire and inner tube, 1.125 in. (outside diameter) ball bearings (2 per wheel are needed), and the mounting holes needed to install hardware to be sprocket-driven or hub-driven. This product is shipped in kit form.

Included Hardware:
  • Two (2) black plastic hub halves
  • Six (6) #4-40x1 Pan Head Phillips thread rolling screws
NOT Included Hardware:
  • bearings
  • #10 screws and nuts needed to mount a hub (2 inch long screws are needed) or a sprocket (2.25 inch long screws are needed)
  • tire and inner tube: Any 150x50mm tire and inner tube can fit this hub, as long as the inner tube has a 90-degree valve stem.
Wheel Structure:
The hub halves are held together with the #4-40 screws. This wheel can accept #10-32 screws for mounting sprockets or hubs, but these are NOT included since different length screws are needed to mount hubs or sprockets. These #10 screws can be mounted to the included 1.875-inch diameter bolt circle. The hub halves need to be assembled together so that the valve stem clearance holes line up. Locating features are present for easy alignment.

With Axle and Hub:

  • In order to drive this wheel with a hub, use six (6) #10-32x2.25 screws (am-1156) and six (6) #10-32 nylock nuts (am-1042).

With Sprocket:

  • In order to drive this wheel with a plate sprocket,use six (6) #10-32x2.25 screws (am-1156) and six (6) #10-32 nylock nuts (am-1042).
  • Two (2) bearings are needed for this wheel when being driven by a sprocket. Use bearings with a 1.125 inch outer diameter. No flange is needed on either of the bearings.

Use as a caster:

  • If you want to let this wheel spin without being driven, you will need to install two (2) bearings with 1.125 inch outer diameter.


  • Bolt Pattern: 6 holes, 0.20 diameter on 1.875 in. diameter bolt circle
  • Bore: 0.96 in. thru hole, with 1.125 in. x 0.375 in. deep bearing pockets
  • Material: Black Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Outside Diameter: 3.537 in.
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs
  • Width: 2.190 in.


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2 reviews

  1. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    1519's Preferred Wheel Hub for Our Preferred 6" Pneumatic Tires!

    We on 1519 bought our first am-2469 6” pneumatic wheel hubs in 2013. We have never had one break on a robot when properly assembled and love their durability, ease-of-use, weight, and performance. We have regularly used the 6” and 8” pneumatic wheels with these polycarbonate hubs - they are the only wheels we have used on our 8WD tank drive robots since 2016. We have been very happy with them and are running the 6” ones again in 2020, albeit continuing to use the old tire style. I should note that the 6” pneumatic wheel hub is quite wide; the standard AM14U drive base may require widening the drive channels to fit those wheels in them. We use 4” wide drive channels on our custom sheet metal frame with these wheels and think it works great. Our only suggestion is to replace the included thread-rolling screws with McMaster 96001A220, which are Torx Rounded Head Thread-Forming Screws for Plastic, Number 4 Size, 1" Long, as the screws which are included with the am-2469 hubs are very hard to install and remove without stripping out the Phillips head, particularly for high school students who don't have the experience of auto mechanics or the hand and grip strength of adult body-builders. The McMaster screws are pricey, but are a worthwhile upgrade from the stock screws.

    KS from Milford

    Verified Purchaser

  2. star star star star empty_star 4 out of 5 stars

    Nice Wheels

    The plastic rims for 6" pneumatic wheels are very light and fit perfectly. The only minor issue I have with the design is the valve stem is a bit difficult to access once assembled.

    DM from Toronto

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