2024 KitBot

FIRST KitBot 2024

New for 2024 is the FIRST Kitbot, where the idea was announced on May 15th and has now been officially announced on Aug 17th to help expand the Kit Of Parts for all FRC teams. The KitBot is one component of the Kickoff Kit where some components are included in the Black Tote, Drive Base Kit, and Gray Tote (for rookies).

The official shopping list from FIRST helps explain where you can get the items you need to build the KitBot and we'll help here by collecting the items you'll need all in one place.

AndyMark Comparable Product for the 2024 FRC KitBot Bill of Materials.

Upper Structure Kit

KitBot 2024 CRESCENDO℠

$199.00 – $339.00


2.5 in. CIM Motor

$38.00 – $51.00

Upper Structure Components

Box Tube Extrusion

$6.00 – $72.00

KitBot 2024 Plates

$4.50 – $14.00

1 in. Gussets

$3.25 – $4.00

1/4-20 Nylock Nut



10-32 Nylock Nut



FRC Control System View all

NI roboRIO 2.0



Bumpers & Accessories View all

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