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Nubs NeveRest Orbital 3.7 Gearmotor (am-3461a) NeveRest Classic 60 Gearbox, No Motor (am-3107)
Price per Nub $5.50

NeveRest Classic 40 Gearbox, No Motor (am-3106) NeveRest Orbital 20 Gearmotor (am-3637) NeveRest Classic 60 Gearmotor (am-3103)
NeveRest Classic Motor ONLY (am-3104) Hall Effect Encoder Cable with 4-pin Connector (am-2992) Hall Effect Encoder Cable, Encoder Connector to Split End Connector (am-2993)
NeveRest Classic 40 Gearmotor (am-2964a) NeveRest Motor Encoder Cap (am-3104_cap) NeveRest Classic Motor Pinion Gear (am-3104_pinion)
NeveRest Classic Motor Plate (am-3104_plate) Retaining Ring for 6 mm D Shaft (am-1438) NeveRest Motor without Encoder (am-3104_ne)
Encoder Cable for NeveRest Motor to REV Expansion Hub (am-3926)