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  Powerpole Kit (8 Red/8 Black Housings, 16 Contacts) (am-2198)

Price: $14.00

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Product Overview:
This is a kit of loose Anderson Power Products (APP) Powerpole (model PP45) connector hardware, aimed at providing a robot builder some tools to make dis-connectable cables and wires. This kit contains 8 Red Housings, 8 Black Housings and 16 Contacts.

This kit provides the connecting hardware needed to make 4 Ground/12V pairs that are easily removable.

The contacts are rated for 45 amps, and sized for 10-12 gauge wire. Use this Powerpole Crimper for good connection.

Included Hardware:
  • Eight - Red APP single-connector Powerpole housings (APP #: 1327)
  • Eight - Black APP single-connector Powerpole housings (APP #: 1327G6)
  • Sixteen - Contacts (APP #: 261G2-LPBK)
  • Overall weight - 0.07 lbs.

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Makes neat wiring. November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Jerry Wilson from Spurger, TX United States  
Take your time while crimping and you will be very satisfied with the professional results you get.

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October 28, 2014
Reviewer: Nadine Moore from Ft. Lauderdale, FL United States  

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Anderson Power Pole April 18, 2014
Reviewer: Keith from Seattle  
Cost effective
Stackable with different orientations
High current relative to the cost
Lots of different retail outlets
Crimp tool is inexpensive
Multiple colors available

Not water resistant
You must use a wire size big enough for the terminal you have
Difficult to insert into the housing with smaller wires
Sometimes the retaining spring has to be pried up to retain the terminal

You need to know how to assemble it  so Google "Anderson Power Pole Assembly". I strongly recommend buying the crimp tool that is intended for these terminals  The TRIcrimp tool is available online for about 40
You can use the color code to indicate different voltages, we use orange for 5V (orange = 5 in resistor color code).
Also a drop of CyanoAcrylate in the dovetail will hold them together  The pins that come in the kit have a tendency to fall out and short circuit something important.

(**AndyMark Response: Fantastic Review, Thank you! The TRIcrimp power poll tool is also available here, the link can be found above in the description, or use the search.  We now have included a link to Assembly instructions under 'Files & Documents', be sure the terminals 'click' in when installing.)

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Unreliable - difficult to use April 18, 2014
Reviewer: Robert Peace from Fairfax Station, VA United States  
Our students had trouble inserting the crimped metal contact all the way into the plastic housing.

More than one of the metal contacts worked themselves loose even after they were fully inserted by an adult mentor.

We cut it off and replaced it with simple space connectors after it failed during the regional competition.

(**AndyMark Response: A good solid crimp and straight pin will help ensure the pins are able to be inserted until a click is heard.  A cut away view of this is found on the Pictures Tab of the product.)

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Good quick-disconnects, but tricky to crimp well March 17, 2014
Reviewer: Douglas Wildes from Team 20, Clifton Park, NY United States  

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