Talon SRX Universal Breakout Board

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Product Usage Note:This breakout board is safe to use with the Talon SRX. It does not connect to previous versions of the Talon.To use existing products teams have 3D-printed custom mounting bracke...Read More

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Product Usage Note:
This breakout board is safe to use with the
Talon SRX. It does not connect to previous versions of the Talon.

To use existing products teams have 3D-printed custom mounting brackets and had to purchase specialty ribbon cables - all to have only the most basic breakout functions of 1 or 2 features at a time. This board eliminates or simplifies all these issues and provides enhanced functionality while enabling all available Talon features.


  • Product Lifecycle: discontinued


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7 reviews

  1. star star star empty_star empty_star 3 out of 5 stars

    Removes The need for managing fine pitch ribbon cables but don't use the analog connection for absolute encoder feedback.

    The ability to convert the very fine .05 pitch 2x5 connector to a more standard .1" pitch is very useful and for incremental encoder cable connections. The blinking LEDs and LEDs for limit switches are also very useful for the electrical team to verify an encoder is working. However I would not use this board if you are planning to use it for analog inputs. Using the MA3 analog encoder we found the supply voltage out of the analog + terminal measured 4.75VDC instead of the expected 5VDC. The 5VDC signal gets converted to a 3.3.VDC so the 4.75 max input signal should convert to a 3.135VDC into the Talon SRX. The SRX attempts to take a 3.3VDC signal and convert it to 1023 ADC steps. There also seems to be a loss of signal in the circuit as 902 was the maximum ADC value we could measure from the Phenix tuner with a 4.75 input signal to the S terminal of the Analog pins (Expected ADC was 972). With a loss of 121 ADC counts this equates to a minimum of 42 degrees of loss or unknown position for an 360 deg analog encoder. ANDYMARK RESPONSE: These issues are acknowledged by Mach Engineering in their user guide. Please see the following guide for more information: TALONSRX_UninversalBreakoutUserGuide See Analog Input Scaling.


    Verified Purchaser

  2. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    Almost the perfect breakout board

    These are our team's favorite talon-SRX breakout boards. We use them on the Talon SRX and Spark Max. The only imperfection is that the limit swich headers are only two pins: ground and signal. This is fine for contact closure mechanical limit switches, but infrared and magnetic limit sensors that need power need to get it from elsewhere. +5v can be had from the encoder connector, but wiring that is a little ugly, requiring the 3-pin cable to split to two different connectors.

    ST from Chapel Hill

    Verified Purchaser

  3. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars


    5 Stars

    BF from Duluth

  4. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    Unless using an SRX encoder, this is the answer

    This device made our controls and programming job so much easier in 2017! Unless you're using something that natively interfaces to that tiny 10-pin connector, this is by far the easiest way to get your sensor inputs to a Talon SRX.

    GM from Slidell

  5. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Service, quick delivery!

    5 Stars

    CB from Gulfport

  6. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    MUCH better than the originals from CTRE

    I bought 3 of these for my team to use on our robots drive system and collector, they're much easier to use than the ones from CTRE/Vex and don't require any soldering (a BIG plus for reliability). The indicator lights are also great for knowing if your sensors work (a big problem we ran into in past years where we weren't sure why our encoders weren't working). I'm ordering 3 more just so we have some spares in case something happens to one during the competition. My only complaint so far was that we had a pin fall out of the encoder part on one of the breakout boards. It appeared to have not properly soldered/secured, and there was no apparent damage to the board or the pin. We did manage to correct the issue ourselves with a soldering iron so no harm done. Overall great product, will definitely be recommending to other teams I work with.

    DK from Saginaw

  7. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Supplier with Professional Results

    AndyMark is a Great Company. They know how to step up to support and help over 2000 robotic teams in a 4 month period. I have been ordering from there for Years and haven't had an order messed up. Plus they are always great to ship within a week of ordering.

    DG from Burien

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