NeveRest Orbital 3.7 Gearmotor

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The NeveRest 3.7 is a gearmotor with an attached encoder. The output shaft geometry and the gearbox housing diameter is similar to what FTC teams are familiar with. The shaft is a 6 mm D and the g...Read More

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Product Overview

The NeveRest 3.7 is a gearmotor with an attached encoder. The output shaft geometry and the gearbox housing diameter is similar to what FTC teams are familiar with. The shaft is a 6 mm D and the gearbox housing is 37 mm diameter.

The power cable which feeds into the black encoder housing has two different options that are already crimped to the end of the cable. (select your needs above):
  1. NEW for 2020! JST-VH-2 connectors Option: this option plugs directly into the FIRST Tech Challenge REV Controller
  2. Anderson Powerpole 15A connectors Option

FIRST Legality:

  • According to the FIRST Tech Challenge Game Manual Part 1, Rule RE10, this is legal for the 2020-2021 FTC Game.
  • According to the FIRST Robotics Challenge Game Manual, Rule R27, this is legal for the 2020-2021 FRC Game as it uses the NeveRest am-3104 motor.
  • PicoBox LEO (am-3614). This gearbox is used for creating chain drives for mechanisms like arms.
  • PicoBox GEO (am-3616). This gearbox combines two orbital NeveRest motors into a single output shaft allowing for combined power at a low ratio.
  • PicoBox MEO (am-3615). This gearbox accepts one NeveRest motor and allows for gear changing through PicoBox gearing.

There is an encoder mounted to the backside of this motor. It is a 7 pulse per revolution (ppr), hall effect encoder. Since the motor's gearbox has a 3.7:1 reduction, then the NeverRest 3.7 output shaft provides 25.9 ppr.

Encoder Cable Options:
NeveRest motors do not come with an encoder cable as we offer 3 cable options:

am-3926a allows you to connect the encoder directly to the FIRST Tech Challenge REV Controller.
am-2992 has the 4 encoder pins joined in one housing using standard 0.1" spacing. am-2993 allows you to break out the 4 pins separately if you need them in a different order.

Working with the Encoders:
Performance Specs:
Time to Failure at Stall: 2 minutes, 54 seconds
Motor Case Temperature at Failure: 190 degrees F


  • Back Drive Force: 1.200 oz-in
  • Connector Type: JST-VH-2, Anderson Powerpoles
  • Free Current: 0.500 AMPs
  • Gauge: 18 AWG
  • Gear Materal: Steel
  • Material: Steel with Plastic Encoder Housing
  • Maximum Diameter: 1.500 in. (38 mm)
  • Maximum Power: 14 Watts
  • Mounting Geometry: 4x M3x0.5 on a 28 mm Bolt Circle
  • No Load RPM: 1780 RPM
  • Output Shaft Size: 0.240 in. (6 mm) D Shaft
  • Overall Length: 5.000 in.
  • Poles Per Magnet: 7
  • Product Lifecycle: Other options available, <a href='/products/neverest-orbital-motors?Gear%20Ratio=3.7%20to%201&quantity=1'>see this product and other options here.</a>
  • Ratio: 3.7:1
  • Shaft Hardness: 45-50 Rockwell C
  • Stall Current: 11.5 AMPs
  • Stall Torque: 32.3 oz-in
  • Ticks Per Revolution: 103.6
  • Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Weight: 0.905 lbs


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2 reviews

  1. star star star star empty_star 4 out of 5 stars


    4 Stars

    SN from Pune

  2. star star star star star 5 out of 5 stars

    "Met our needs to power a ball launcher for FTC"

    "The motors that came in our basic FTC robotics kit were not fast enough to power a ball launcher, so after doing some research, we tried these, and they did the trick with plenty of speed to spare. They are a little bigger than the other motors we had, so the mounts we already had didn't fit them perfectly, but they worked ok. For next season, I will buy the correct mounts. Don't forget to buy your Hall Effect Encoder Cable with 4-pin Connector (am-2992) to go with each motor."

    AL from South San Francisco

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