Dual 775 Sport

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The Dual 775 Sport is the latest innovation in the competition tested high performance line of planetary gearboxes from AndyMark and BaneBots. The Dual 775 Sport gearbox features a fully enclosed 5...Read More

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Product Overview

The Dual 775 Sport is the latest innovation in the competition tested high performance line of planetary gearboxes from AndyMark and BaneBots. The Dual 775 Sport gearbox features a fully enclosed 52:16 (3.25:1) spur gear reduction before the planetary input giving you additional reduction in the same length required to combine the two motors. This could save you a stage of reduction in the planetary gears to achieve a similar rpm. The input pinion to the spur gearbox is the same as the input pinion for the planetary gearbox meaning you can swap back and forth with ease. 

The cold formed steel gears inside this gearbox are a 0.7 Module tooth profile which is 40% larger than the vast majority of planetary gearbox gears previously used on competition robots. The gears are larger, but the housing's size has been optimized to reduce any unnecessary volume. This means you get more reliability without sacrificing precious space. This ring gear is also one solid piece of aluminium, ensuring that there is no possibility for misalignment of the planetary stages during assembly or during the rigors of match play.

Two and three stage versions of these gearboxes also feature an "HD" stage, with gears approximately double the face width of the other stages as well as a strengthened carrier plate. These larger gears on the output stage ensure that it will handle heavy or cantilevered loads without worry. The carrier plates are made of hardened 4140 steel and interface to the output shaft with a robust hex bore. New for 2019 we are opening up the use of every available gear ratio with every available motor input meaning there are some combinations that could theoretically exceed the gearboxes design characteristics. As such the blanket warranty we offered on these gearboxes in the past will be discontinued for future purchases. Rest assured that AndyMark still stands behind our product 100% and if you feel that there is a problem with your gearbox or any of our products please contact us and we will make it right. To help you decide which gearbox to use for your application please reference the below table which includes the maximum rated torque that the gearbox is designed to take before it will fail.

A free packet of red tacky grease (am-2768) is included with every gearbox purchased. This grease must be used to coat every internal surface of the gearbox before use.

The Dual 775 Sport includes mounting hardware for large boss 775 series motors including the AndyMark RedLine (am-3775), the Banebots RS-775, and the VexPro 775pro. To install one of these motors, first remove any installed pinion from the motor and press on the included pinion gear using an arbor press or bench vice. This press fit ensures a solid mechanical connection between the pinion gear and the motor. This pinion assembly is not susceptible to vibration and never needs to be checked once installed. We also offer a AndyMark RedLine with 16t Pinion (am-3775_16T) if you wish to purchase the motors with the pinion pre-installed. Please note if you choose this option you will have an extra pinion for every motor that comes with it pre-installed.
Part Number Ratio Weight Length Stall Torque* Rated Torque Free Speed*
am-4010_013 13:1 SD +0.71 lb +2.615 in. 12.0 ft-lbs 120 ft-lbs 1510 rpm
am-4010_039 39:1 HD +X2HDlb +X2HD in. 36.0 ft-lbs 170 ft-lbs 500 rpm
am-4010_052 52:1 HD +X2HDlb +X2HD in. 48.1 ft-lbs 160 ft-lbs 370 rpm
am-4010_065 65:1 HD +X2HDlb +X2HD in. 60.1 ft-lbs 140 ft-lbs 300 rpm
am-4010_117 117:1 HD +1.27 lb +4.165 in. 108.2 ft-lbs 170 ft-lbs 165 rpm
am-4010_156 156:1 HD +1.27 lb +4.165 in. 144.0 ft-lbs 170 ft-lbs 125 rpm
am-4010_208 208:1 HD +1.27 lb +4.165 in. 192.4 ft-lbs 160 ft-lbs 90 rpm
am-4010_260 260:1 HD +1.27 lb +4.165 in. 240.5 ft-lbs 140 ft-lbs 75 rpm
am-4010_325 325:1 HD +1.27 lb +4.165 in. 300.7 ft-lbs 140 ft-lbs 60 rpm

Common Physical Specifications:

Mounting Features:
  • Four 10-32 Tapped holes on a 1/2 in. by 1 in. or 1 in. square grid, on two oppisite faces
Output Shaft Geometry:
  • 0.5 in. Hex Profile
  • 1.0 in. Length

*Theoretical maximum values when paired with two AndyMark 775 RedLine Motors (am-3775)


  • Ratio: 13:1,39:1,52:1,65:1,117:1,156:1,208:1,260:1,325:1


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