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SB120 to SB50 Adapter (am-3856)
SB120 to SB50 Adapter (am-3856)
Price: $12.50

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Product Overview:
Six gauge and Anderson SB50 connectors have been around in competition robotics for many years but, as the demand for higher current systems has increased so must the capabilities of cables.

We have Battery Cables (am-3777) and Robot Side Power Cable Kits (am-3855) featuring four gauge wire and Anderson SB120 connectors. Changing over all your chargers or other cables to SB120 connectors is a big task. Easily connect between SB120 and SB50 connectors with this adapter.

  • SB50 Connector
  • SB120 Connector
  • Weight: 0.318 Pounds
  • Wire Length: ~ 4 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)
  • Overall Length: ~ 8.25 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)
Associated Power Components:
Gauge Battery Cable (am-3777)
Robot Side Power Bundle (am-3855)

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