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Winch, Shift-to-Neutral, Ratcheting Gearbox from iR3 (am-2774)
Winch, Shift-to-Neutral, Ratcheting Gearbox from iR3 (am-2774)
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Product Overview:
Here is an innovative winching, shifting gearbox brought to you by utilizing iR3 Creative Engineering's Modulox designs and AndyMark's shifting designs. This gearbox provides a method to pull tension on a shaft and then release this tension quickly. By using the Modulox side plates and bearing blocks, various ratios and speeds can be attained.

Winch, Shift-to-Neutral, Ratcheting Gearbox is shipped un-assembled, in a kit form. The CIM Motor is NOT included in this gearbox. This motor must be purchased separately.

Motor Input:"Lunch Box" Modulox Gearbox accepts one 2.5 inch CIM Motor. Hardware is included for attaching one of these motors.

Included Hardware:
  • One - Modulox Lunch Box kit (am-0846)
  • One - Bearing Block for Modulox (am-0862)
  • One - 12 Tooth CIM Gear (am-0741)
  • One - Shift Block and Shaft Assembly (am-0293)
  • One - Dog Gear (with #4-40 screw) (am-0020)
  • One - 48 Tooth Large Ouptut Gear (am-0022)
  • One - Long Shifter Hex Shaft for Modulox (am-2770)
  • One - FR6ZZL Bearing (am-0573)
  • One - FR8ZZ Bearing (am-0030)
  • One - 1614ZZ Bearing (am-0209)
  • One - 3/8" Ratcheting Hand Tool (am-2775)
  • One - Spring (am-2777)

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