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Double Doozy AM Planetary (am-0576)
Double Doozy AM Planetary (am-0576)
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Product Overview:
  • This gearbox will ship without motors.
  • Two pinion gears (19 tooth, am-0604) are included so that two motors can be used as an input.
  • The am-0912 motor (1 or 2) can be used with this gearbox, but it is not included.
The black portion shown in the picture above is the same gearbox housing as the AM Planetary (am-0002). This gearbox has the same output geometry as a CIM Motor.

  • Overall Gear Ratio: 6.18:1
  • Estimated free speed: 2,700 rpm
  • Weight: 2.0 pounds
  • Output shaft dimensions: 8mm (0.313 inch) diameter with 2mm keyway
  • Gear 1 & 2 (input gears): 19 tooth, 32 dp pinion gear with #6-32 set screw
  • 32 tooth driven gear inside upper gearbox, coupled directly with a 15 tooth gear
  • 15 tooth gear drives the AM Planetary gearbox, which has a 3.67:1 ratio
Made in the USA:
Bearings and screws were not made in the USA. All other components were designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.

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