Robot Relief by AndyMark

Robot Relief is currently retired.

FIRST Robotics has become a strong community and a large family

We believe this upcoming year will present a new challenge in fundraising for FIRST  teams worldwide. There is a lot of change happening and we want to help strengthen our community by helping those the most in need.

When the 2020 FIRST robotics season was halted due to COVID-19, everyone was affected, and it continues to have a lasting affect. AndyMark has already heard of the struggles many teams are having with fundraising due to their tried and true methods not working. So how will they be able to build the robot they want to design, or upgrade the components to improve their performance?

All FIRST Tech Challenge teams can apply for this AndyMark grant and through the application. AndyMark will select the teams most in need to keep our community strong.

We hope to give out 100+ grants between $500 and $1000 in the form of a gift certificate to FTC teams can then purchase the products they need to help them build their dream design for their competitive robot.

UPDATE 7/27/2020:  We are happy to announce fourteen $500 grants have been awarded to FTC teams! The following teams have received a $500 gift certificate to AndyMark: 4991, 5501, 8728, 9507, 11354, 12014, 12442, 12693, 12695, 13277, 14169, 14174, 17106, 18246. 

Many thanks to our generous donors who made these grants possible, but there are still over 25 FTC teams who have applied and would love to receive a Robot Relief grant. If you haven't already, please consider making a donation today to Robot Relief by AndyMark! 

Since 2004, AndyMark, Inc, has developed, manufactured and distributed mechanical and electrical parts for the mobile and competitive robotics market with a focus on robotics education. The AndyMark staff strives to support the FIRST Community and the robotics education market by developing and distributing important components to robot builders and for mobile robotics.

We are raising money to help FIRST  teams and in turn this will help to support AndyMark.
ALL money received by AndyMark with this campaign will be given to FIRST  teams to purchase AndyMark products.


Because of the generous support of those who have donated to Robot Relief by AndyMark, we are pleased to offer a $500 grant to qualifying FIRST Tech Challenge teams in the form of an AndyMark gift certificate. 

All FIRST Tech Challenge teams are encouraged to apply, and we will award the gift certificates to low resource teams. 

The more money we raise with the Robot Relief fund, the more teams will receive funds. 

Please tell your friends to give to Robot Relief by AndyMark!

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