AndyMark Contests for 2019 FRC Build Season

What's build season without a little bit of fun, right? We'll do a few contests, which will be announced on Lunch with Andy. Check in on the series here. Here are the active contests:

Adopt an AndyMark Engineer Contest

We are pleased to announce the return of Adopt an Engineer for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Season, Destination: Deep Space, presented by the Boeing Company.

There are many reasons, from inclement weather to temporal, physical, financial, and mental resources, as to why a team may not have been able to complete their robot by Bag Day. All teams are encouraged to share the challenges they ran up against this season that lead them to bag an incomplete or less-than-functional robot, and we would like to come and work with at least one lucky team to get you up and competing at your event. If you apply, your team may be selected to welcome one of our Engineers into your robot family for a competition weekend.

Who is this contest open to?
Based upon our Engineering Team’s availability, this contest is open to teams in need competing during weeks 1, 3, 5, and 6 of the 2019 Destination: Deep Space Season .

How do I apply?
Teams may fill out this form to enter. We will accept applications starting on Saturday, February 2. The deadline for teams who are seeking assistance is on Saturday, February 16.

This is:
  • An opportunity to have an AndyMark Engineer be a part of your team for the weekend, in the pits working on your robot with you
  • An opportunity to learn from an industry professional
  • An avenue to get to know the AndyMark Mechanical and Software Engineers who design our products. Make our Engineer a true part of your team for the weekend!
  • A fun and educational experience!
This is NOT:
  • Adopt Andy Baker for a weekend - Sorry!
  • A free chaperone for the weekend
  • A guarantee to make your robot win the competition - We will do our best to work with you such that your robot operates to the best of its ability

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