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Peanut Extrusion, Different Lengths

Product Overview:
Peanut Extrusion is an easy to use structure. The profile of the extrusion looks like a peanut and has two holes that are perfect for a 1/4-20 self tapping screw. The added mid spans are positioned to flank a pair of bolts that self thread into the adjoining peanut extrusion. These spans prevent the peanut from getting crushed by over tightening the bolts. The advantages of Peanut Extrusion are the ease of creating rigid corner joints and the closed profile of the extrusion that prevents dust build up. Whether you are making a table in your shop or a strong frame for a robot, this extrusion is the one for you!


  • Wall Thickness: 0.050 in.
  • Width: 1.0 in.
  • Height: 1.0 in.
  • Length: Selectable Above
  • Hole Size: Sized for 1/4-20 Self Threading Screw
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Weight Per Inch: 0.027 Pounds
  • Weight Per Foot: 0.325 Pounds

Price: From $2.00
1/2" Hex Aluminum Churro 1/2 in. Churro, Different Lengths

AndyMark Churro is a versatile, 1/2" hex extrusion designed for light weight and easy attachment.

Price: $2.50

Entrapption Star, 4.75" Diameter (am-0619a)

Entrapption Star, 0.425" Interference Fit Hex Bore

Price: $9.00