Ventilator & PPE Components

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical facilities are seeing a shortage of the equipment they need to properly treat their patients. Ventilators are a crucial component to that care. Many companies and organizations are rallying to develop emergency ventilators which may be utilized by the medical community.

AndyMark is supporting and supplying several global initiatives, including AmboVent in Israel and E-Vent at MIT, with some of the components on this page.

If you find that you need to purchase these parts in large volumes, please submit a request to, and someone from our team will work with you on a quote.

If you have technical questions about these components, please submit a request at and one of our engineers will assist you.

Below are some examples of our inspiring community

Israel FIRST teams (1690, 1577, and 2231)

have been working with their local hospitals and government to develop the AmboVent Emergency ventilation alternative system. They're looking for community assistance in vetting the build instructions and other areas. You can check out this article on Medium to see how you can help.

MIT engineers, researchers and FIRST Alumni 

have created and are continuing to improve an open source emergency ventilator, the E-Vent. Early pictures showed that the system ran off of the RoboRio and other FRC components. Multiple groups are working to reproduce and perform further testing with this design. You can learn more about this project at

The community is coming together with PPE

There are a TON of Makers and FIRST Teams across FRC, FTC, and even FLL that are coming together to help create PPE for their local communities. These innovators are utilizing the skills they learn by participating in FIRST to step forward and show true gracious professionalism. With challenge identification, thorough review of regulations and requirements, community engagement, rapid prototyping, constant iteration, and fast productions, you're turning the PPE shortage into your own mini-design competition. Our favorite part is that everyone wins when you succeed.

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