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550 Vent Plate Spacer (am-3649)
550 Vent Plate Spacer (am-3649)
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Product Overview:
This product is designed to be placed between a high power 550 motor and the motor mount plate of a gearbox. It allows air to enter from the side and pass through the motor via the vent holes in the front face of the motor. Allowing this airflow typically requires machine time and customization of gearboxes. This simple lightweight spacer is the perfect solution for motor preservation.

When installing a motor to a gearbox motor plate, first place this spacer over the nose of the motor. Line the outer circle of holes in the spacer with the mounting holes of your 550 motor. Secure the the gearbox motor plate to the motor like normal.

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Thickness: 0.06 in.
  • 4 holes 0.124 in. diameter on a 0.984 in. circle
  • Weight: 0.002 lbs

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