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Ultrasonic proximity sensor, EZ0, MB1200, MaxBotix (am-2435) Ultrasonic proximity sensor, EZ, MB1013, MaxBotix (am-2434) String Potentiometer Kit (no housing) (am-2618)
Precision Potentiometer, 10turn 5Kohms (am-2619) Current Sensor Assembly for Motor Meter (am-2709) String Potentiometer Hardware Kit (am-2618h)
Absolute Encoder with Cable (am-2899) Hall Effect Two Channel Encoder (am-2816a) 6 Degrees of Freedom IMU Digital Combo Board (am-2314)
Absolute Encoder with Cable (am-2899)
Price: $45.00
In Stock
E4T OEM Miniature Optical Encoder Kit (am-3132) Analog Pressure Sensor (am-3219) Talon SRX Universal Breakout Board (am-3281)
Analog Pressure Sensor (am-3219)
Price: $30.00
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Hall Effect Sensor (am-3313) Sensor6PAK (am-3220) navX MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor (am-3060b)
Hall Effect Sensor (am-3313)
Price: $10.00
In Stock
Sensor6PAK (am-3220)
Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $39.00
In Stock
SRX Magnetic Encoder (am-3445) Push Switch (am-3372) Sentinel Interface Board for the Talon SRX (am-3495)
SRX Magnetic Encoder (am-3445)
Price: $40.00
In Stock
Push Switch (am-3372)
Price: $1.50
In Stock
Touchless Encoder (am-3507) Analog Devices, Gyro Board (am-3555) Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU (am-3556)
Touchless Encoder (am-3507)
Price: $22.50
In Stock
Analog Devices, Gyro Board (am-3555)
Price: $35.00
In Stock
Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU (am-3556)
Price: $60.00
In Stock
NavX Micro Navigation Sensor (am-3554) CIMcoder (am-3314a) AM Mag Encoder (am-3749)
NavX Micro Navigation Sensor (am-3554)
Price: $79.00
In Stock
CIMcoder (am-3314a)
Price: $42.00
In Stock
AM Mag Encoder (am-3749)
Price: $35.00
In Stock
RedLine Encoder Kit (am-3773) Talon Tach (am-3778) Bosch Seat Motor DIO Kit (am-3812)
RedLine Encoder Kit (am-3773)
Price: $50.00
In Stock
Talon Tach (am-3778)
Price: $14.00
In Stock
LIDAR Lite 3 (am-3829) Limelight Camera (am-3833)
LIDAR Lite 3 (am-3829)
Price: $150.00
In Stock
Limelight Camera (am-3833)
Price: $399.97
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