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EVO Slim 4 RedLine
EVO Slim 4 RedLine
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Product Overview:
The AndyMark EVO Slim for RedLine single-speed gearbox is a high performance, lightweight solution for a robust drivetrain gearbox. The EVO Slim line of gearboxes share many common parts with the EVO Shifter, including some of the weight relieved, all steel gears and aluminum plates. The EVO Slim gearboxes ship with the am-0801a Toughbox Long Hex Output Shaft as standard, but teams can switch out the shaft for any other Toughbox Output Shaft (sold separately.)

This configuration of the EVO Slim accepts up to four AndyMark RedLine Motors for a significant power-to-weight ratio improvement as compared to CIM-based gearboxes. The ratios available for this gearbox are primarily optimized to be used with 4" diameter wheels.

This gearbox is shipped in kit form, not assembled. The EVO Slim for RedLine ships with hardware to accept up to four am-3775 AndyMark RedLine Motors (not included.)

  • Input Stage Gear Material: 1117 Steel
  • Input Stage Gear Type: 32DP, 20 degree pressure angle spur gears
  • Output Stage Gear Material: 4140 Steel
  • Output Stage Gear Type: 20DP, 14.5 degree pressure angle spur gears
  • Motor Plate Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Output Plate Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Output Shaft: 1/2 in. Hex, 4140 steel.
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds
Gear Ratios Options:
Part # Overall Ratio Input Gear Large Cluster Gear Small Cluster Gear Large Output Gear Price
am-3806_135 13.58:1 12T 85T 24 46 $129.00
am-3806_177 17.71:1 12T 85T 20 50 $129.00
am-3806_204 20.46:1 12T 85T 18 52 $129.00
am-3806_283 28.33:1 12T 85T 14 56 $129.00

Encoder Options:
The EVO Slim for RedLine accepts either the E4T Optical Encoder Kit or the SRX Mag Encoder. When using the SRX Mag Encoder, use the SRX Magnetic Encoder Mounting Hardware Kit.

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