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4 Gauge Robot Side Red Power Cable (am-3852)
4 Gauge Robot Side Red Power Cable (am-3852)
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" Product Overview:
This four gauge power cable is used to connect a 120 Amp Breaker (am-0282) to a Power Distribution Panel (am-2856). This multi-strand wire is securely crimped and protected with heat shrink tubing. The tip-to-tip length is approximately five inches. This cable is used in the 4 Gauge Robot Power Cable Kit. Both end connectors of cable are crimped with a 6-ton pneumatic linkage crimping tool.

  • Gauge: 4
  • Weight: 0.1 Pounds
  • Overall Length: 5 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)
  • Wire Length Lug to Lug: ~4 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)

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