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4 Gauge Battery Cable (am-3777)
4 Gauge Battery Cable (am-3777)
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Product Overview:
Six gauge battery cables have been around for a long time in competition robotics. With a larger wire gauge however, you can prolong your breaker life thanks to the lower resistance of the larger flexible wire. This battery cable features four gauge multi-strand wires along with a SB120 Anderson Power Products connector. This battery cable can be used with other power components using the SB120 connector.

  • Gauge: 4
  • Weight: ~ 0.05 Pounds
  • Connector Type: Anderson SB120
  • Overall Length: 12 - 14 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)
Associated Power Components:
SB120 to SB50 Adapter (am-3856)
Robot Side Power Bundle (am-3855)

Understanding Cable Length:
Tip to tip length is approximately 14.5 inches. 2.5 inches of length is the Powerpole connector and 1.25 inches make up the connecting lugs.

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