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5 mm Hex Single Boss Nub w/ Set Screw (am-3669)
5 mm Hex Single Boss Nub w/ Set Screw (am-3669)
Price: $10.00

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Product Overview:
Nubs are hubs intended to connect motion components to spinning shafts, like sprockets gears, pulleys and wheels. This Nub features a round boss with a 5 mm hex bore in the middle. This bore allows for pairing of REV 5 mm hex components with other motion parts that interface with Nubs.

The four mounting holes on these nubs are sized at 0.128" diameter, with the intention of accepting a #6-32 threaded screw. They are not tapped, but can be tapped by most machine screws once they are driven in the first time.

  • Length: 0.630 in. (16 mm)
  • Height: 0.630 in. (16 mm)
  • Material: 6061-T6
  • Bore: 5 mm Hex
  • Overall Depth: 0.394 in. (10 mm)
  • Set Screw: Holes sized for 10-32 Set Screw (Set Screw Included)

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