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Four Tooth Dog Gear (am-3568)
Four Tooth Dog Gear (am-3568)
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Product Overview:
The dog gear has 4 dogs on each face. This allows more material around the dog gear screw, increasing strength over previous designs. A robust 1/8" diameter shoulder screw replaces the previously used #4-40 screw. The dog gear material is AMPCO® 18 Bronze. This material has similar properties to stainless steel (previously used), but has added lubricity for smooth shifting.

  • Material: AMPCO 18 Bronze
  • Bore: 1/2" Hex Broached Hole
  • Transverse Hold: Counter Bored for 1/8" Precision Should Screw, Tapped on Opposite Side
  • Weight: 0.044 Lbs
  • Outside Diameter: 1"
Individual Parts within Assembly:

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