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Banebots BB220 4:1 Add on Stage (am-2884)

Price: $40.00

Stock Status: In Stock

Product Overview:
Looking to add another 4:1 reduction on a Banebots BB220 Planetary Gearbox? This will do that for you.

A complete kit to add on a stage, take your current 4:1 (am-2879) to a 16:1 (am-2880) or go further to 64:1 or 256:1.

  • Gearbox reduction: 4:1
  • Weight: 0.59 lbs
Gear Specifications:
  • Planet Gears: Standard Duty 0.8Mod 4140 gears
  • Sun Gear: 6061 Hard Anodized Aluminum
Adding a Stage
The ringgears are marked with a dimple pattern that represents the stage. 2 dimples is a single stage and 4 dimples is an output stage. This 4:1 Add on Stage has ringgears that are marked with one set of 2 dimples. In order to add a stage, you must use this ringgear that is marked with one set of 2 dimples - representing a single stage, and it must be added to the motor side.

Every gearbox must have one and only one ringgear marked with a set of four dimples and it must be the ringgear next to the output shaft.

You CAN NOT use only this ringgear from this 4:1 Add On Stage to create a gearbox.

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