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Cheap & Dirty Electronics for Mecanum (am-2829)
Cheap & Dirty Electronics for Mecanum (am-2829)
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This is a complete electronic kit that you can hook up to four motors and start driving a mecanum drive train. Only a few tools to make electronic connections and you're ready to go.

No programming is needed or possible with this control system. The transmitter sends joystick commands to the receiver, which sends a straight PWM signal to either a servo, a speed controller, or the mecanum mixer that translates those signals into commands for the individual wheels of the mecanum drive system. This way, the driver has intuitive controls for the four individually-controlled wheels from the joysticks. By connecting different channels from the receiver to the mixer, you can choose which axes of the joystick control forward-reverse movement, left-right strafing movement, and rotation around the robot's footprint.

The entire kit is based around 2.4 Ghz Radio Control, which is popular in the RC market. Now you can interface with robot parts without the need to program anything. It can even be used to help test your mechanical design if the programmers haven't finished coding.

Included Hardware: Not Included:
  • Battery Charger not included, we sell a 3 Bank, 6AMP charger here
    • Or you can find one at your local Wal-mart or Hardware store

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