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Electronic Package for 2 motors use your own Controls (am-2707)

Battery shown replaced by the Interstate Batteries (am-3062)
Talon SR controllers replaced with Talon SRX controllers
Price: $510.00

Stock Status: In Stock

Product Overview:

If you have only a robot controller and wireless communication components and want to get a simple system up and running this kit is perfect for you. This package contains all of the power components to support a two motor system.

Included Hardware:

Not Included:

  • Controller or game pad
  • Communication from Driver to Robot (If your controller doesn't have a communication method)
  • Driver Controllers
  • Battery Charger not included, we sell a 3 Bank, 6AMP charger here
    • Or you can find one at your local Wal-mart or Hardware store
  • 2.5" CIM Motor not included

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