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  String Potentiometer Kit (no housing) (am-2618)

See Assembled Version in 'How To / Pictures' below.

Price: $17.00

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Product Overview:

A great start to being able to use a string pot sensor is here. The only item needed with this kit is the enclosure where the potentiometer and spring tensioned wire meet, this can be downloaded on the "Files & Documents" Tab.

Two options are available, as you can download 3D Prints for the Cap, Case, & Spool. Or you can buy a complete kit that only needs to be assembled.

A portion of the proceeds of this sale will be given to Chap Robotics FRC team 2468, who developed and used this idea on their competition robots.

Included Hardware:


  • Retractable String Length: ~27 inch
  • Spool Circumference: 2.985 in (+/- 0.1)

Note: With the retractable string provided you will only be able to get about eight to nine turns out of the ten turn potentiometer. To get the full range, use the spring from the retractable string component and a 30" string instead.

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Good project for learning 3d printing February 9, 2014
Reviewer: David F from Cleveland,Ohio USA FIRST Team 1001  
We used this to learn how to use the MakerGear printer in the KOP.

We did not succeed with the step files as posted, but got others and printed bird's nests, then set the "filament diameter" control and parts started to look OK.  The spring holder slot in the Cap kept breaking off using PLA, so we tried ABS and it still broke off. Raised the extruder temperature to 240 and got a cap that did not break yet.  In Creator, "autoconfigure for print quality:high", filament 1.5 mm, ABS and temp of 240 and we have a part that is working.

Hairspray on glass build bed.

We recommend these changes:
1. don't countersink the holes and use 4/40 socket head cap screws. Kids round out the phillips easily.

2. move string hole completely into the case instead of on the crack between the case and the cap. The string works down the seam and gets stuck. (or move hole to the cap, or rotate the "half circle" so the seam of the circle is perpendicular to the seam between the cap and case).

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