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Polycarbonate sheet, 0.188 in. thick, 46.67 in. x 10.66 in. (am-2582)
Polycarbonate sheet, 0.188 in. thick, 46.67 in. x 10.66 in. (am-2582)
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Product Overview:
This is used in our current FTC field design. This is a single sheet of 1/8 inch thick polycarbonate (PC) plastic, cut to 9.88 x 46.375.

This single sheet of PC will be shipped with the protective covering on both sides of the plastic sheet with the exception of a 1" strip on the long 46" edges. As we use this for our FTC panels, we clear of this section to insert into the rails. Expect to have a small strip removed with possible razor blade line.

Polycarbonate was invented in 1963 by Dan Fox at General Electric. GE's trade name for this plastic is LEXAN, but it also is sold under other trade names (Makrolon, Hyzod, Cyrolon).

This material is NOT plexiglas or acrylic, as we don't suggest that you use that material on a mobile robot, since acrylic will easily shatter.

  • Width: 10.6"
  • Length: 46.6"
  • Material thickness: 0.118"
  • Material: Clear Polycarbonate

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