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Nano Tube 20 in. Drive Chassis, 3 Shaft, 6 Pneumatic Wheels (am-2558)
Nano Tube 20 in. Drive Chassis, 3 Shaft, 6 Pneumatic Wheels (am-2558)
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Product Overview:
This drive base is tough and ready for the road. We've driven this drive base on hilly ground, broken up asphalt, and driven it off a curb. This drive base holds up and is ready for more. Since there is not a large gap in the wheel base, this system maintains a comfortable clearance on the underside of the system. The polycarbonate sheet on the bottom can be home to your controls system as well as protects the gearboxes from debris. This drive system uses the am-2557 Nano Tubes. These are continuously geared meaning all three shafts are driven by both motor inputs. The drive system utilizes six 8" pneumatic wheels. The gearboxes are using the standard toughbox ratio, 12.75:1 providing a drive between 11 and 12 feet per second.

NOTE: This is sold as an unassembled kit.

  • Max Extend Length: 24.5"
  • Max Extend Width: 27"
  • Max Extend Height: 7.5"
  • Frame Width: 21"
  • Frame Length: 20"
  • Frame Height: 5.25"Ground Clearance: approximately 2"
  • Robot Weight: 38 Lbs
  • Estimated Load Capacity: 50 lbs
  • Motors: 4 CIM motors
  • Estimated Maximum Speed: 12 ft/sec
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