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12T 32DP 24T Servo Spline Bore, Brass Gear (am-2525)
12T 32DP 24T Servo Spline Bore, Brass Gear (am-2525)
Price: $20.00

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Product Overview:
Servo City's patented 32 pitch Hitec metal gears are designed to attach directly to the output spline of a servo. All gears are broached directly into the metal to ensure a snug fit that will not slip. These gears are designed to fit the standard 24 tooth Hitec output spline.

  • Number of teeth: 12
  • Diametral pitch: 32
  • Pitch diameter: .375
  • Face width: 0.250"
  • Bore: 24T Servo Spline
  • Weight: 0.008

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