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2013 FRC Drive Chassis w/ #35 Chain and Sprockets (am-2494)
2013 FRC Drive Chassis w/ #35 Chain and Sprockets (am-2494)
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Product Overview:
This is a chain-driven version of the entire C-Base Chassis Kit distributed in the 2013 FRC team kit, all of the items AndyMark put into the FIRST FRC kit except for the Battery Plugs (am-0122), 9015 Motor (am-0912), and PG71 Gearmotor (am-2971).

(chains are not shown in the picture above)

This un-assembled kit includes the 6" HiGrip FIRST Wheel wheels and two Toughbox Mini gearboxes with flat mount plates. The 30" C-Base chassis is used as the foundation of this robot drivetrain.

The power transmission system for this chassis is using #35 roller chain and aluminum plate sprockets.

This Chassis Kit can be configured in a long, 6-wheel setup or a wide, 4-wheel setup.

  • Width: Variable in 1" increments, with 32.25" maximum
  • Length: Variable in 1" increments, with 32.25" maximum
  • Estimated Load Capacity: 600 lbs based on wheels
  • Motors: 2 CIM motors
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Power Transmission Method: #35 roller chain
    • 22 tooth drive sprockets
    • 24 tooth driven sprockets
  • Reduction Ratios
    • 1.09:1 ratio from the gearbox to the wheels
    • 11.68:1 ratio from CIM Motors to wheels
  • Top speed: 9.6 feet/sec (approximate), with 150 pounds total robot weight
Included Hardware:

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