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Sprocket Kit, #35 Series, for 2013 FRC Replacement of Belts and Pulleys (am-2436)

Two small spacers have been replaced by four of the white spacers

Price: $185.00

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Product Overview:
This is a kit of parts chosen to replace the timing belts and pulleys on the AndyMark Drive System for the 2013 FRC game.

This kit includes #35 series aluminum sprockets, #35 series steel roller chain and associated master and half links, fasteners, hubs, and spacers.

We also offer a #25 version (am-2437) of this same kit.

Hardware Included:

Please refer to the .pdf layout drawing under the "Documents and Files" tab on this web page. All of the spacer locations are identified, which includes 6 of the brass spacers from the Kit Drive Chassis.

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