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C-Base Frame, CIMple Box Gearboxes, Direct Drive, 6 in. Mecanum (am-2016a)
C-Base Frame, CIMple Box Gearboxes, Direct Drive, 6 in. Mecanum (am-2016a)
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Product Overview:
This is the long version of the C-Base Frame with 6" Mecanum Wheels. Wheels are directly driven by the CIM motors through CIMple Box gearboxes. The direct drive means there is less play and more accurate control of the mecanum wheels. This setup makes the robot very fast with low torque. This system comes with motors and perforated sheet for mounting electronics.

Application Note:
This drive base setup is aimed at applications where the robot weight is very light (70 pounds or lighter) and the robot needs to go very fast (22-23 feet per second). For heavier applications, this robot will be underpowered and will not have enough power to move itself effectively. If you desire to have a robot heavier than 70 pounds, you will either need to pick a different chassis or add motors.

  • Width: 27" (built in long configuration)
  • Length: 30" (built in long configuration)
  • Height: 6"
  • Ground Clearance: 1.25"
  • Estimated Robot Weight: Est. 32 lbs (no controls)
  • Estimated Load Capacity: 800 lbs based on wheels (evenly loaded)
  • Suggested maximum load: 70 pounds total, using the 4 motors supplied
  • Motors: 4 CIM motors
  • Estimated Maximum Speed: 22 ft/sec
Included Hardware:

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