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  PG71 Adapter Sleeve (am-0996)

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Product Overview:
This is a simple brass extruded adapter for the PG71 gearmotor. The intent of this part is to go over the PG71 output shaft, making the perimeter geometry of the shaft to be 1/2" diameter with a 1/8" machine key.

This sleeve is a tight fit over the PG71 shaft. It can be held in place by a 3/8" id retaining ring.

Usage and Installation:
There is a tight fit onto the PG71 shaft when installing this adapter, sometimes to the point that the brass will peel away when pushing the adapter onto the shaft. This will help keep the part in place. When using the 500 Key Hub (am-0077) or another 1/2" bore, keyed item, we suggest to press in the adapter to the hub first, and then press the hub/adapter assembly onto the PG71 shaft. When pressing on to the shaft, a bit of brass will peel away, resulting in a snug fit.

  • Material: Brass
  • Outside width: 0.499 inch
  • Length: 0.75 inch
  • Key: 1/8x1/8 inch
  • Bore: 10mm (0.394 inch)
  • Weight: 0.05 pound

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Hard to install March 3, 2015
Reviewer: Ryan Schoenborn from Coopersville, MI United States  
My students had a very hard time getting this collar to fit. We had to order a second one after the first was ruined.

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Doesn't fit properly February 9, 2015
Reviewer: Allen from Carriere, MS  
While the bore is 10mm, the inner keyway is a few thousandths too wide, making it useless unless you hack at it with a dremel (as one reviewer suggested) or open up the keyway on your motor shaft with an end mill.  Otherwise, it beats fabbing your own from scratch.

(AndyMark Response 2/9/15: The method for attaching this adapter, as listed in the product description, calls for a tight fit. This is so that the adapter is snug on the gearbox output shaft.)

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February 3, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Oakville, ON Canada  

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does not fit January 27, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Johns Creek, Georgia  
Do not try to force the sleeve in a hub and the motor shaft at the same time! Inner key which was supposed to fit inside the pg71 shaft was way to big for the key slot and needed to be dremeled down before attempting to fit it in. Since the dremel work and filing was done by hand the sleeve became loose and caused inaccuracies in driving the motor.
(AndyMark Response: We recommend using the above usage and installation method which is listed on this webpage.)

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not the size I was hoping for May 18, 2014
Reviewer: Craig Johnston from Oak Grove, OR United States  
hoped this would fit from a cim motor to a standard 500 hub, but is not the internal diameter of a cim motor.

(AndyMark Response: This part is designed to attached to PG motors, or any 10mm shaft, the CIM motor has a 0.313 or about 8mm shaft)

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