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Nano Tube 20 in. Chassis, 2 gearboxes, 4 - 500 key shafts (am-0969KIT)
Nano Tube 20 in. Chassis, 2 gearboxes, 4 - 500 key shafts (am-0969KIT)
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Product Overview:
This is a 20" long Nano Tube chassis that would be driven with two motors and is ready for a battery, wheels and controls.

This chassis comes without wheels, but with spacers, machine keys, and hardware to contain a wheel on the 1/2" diameter output shaft. This hardware is included to handle a 500 Key Hub (not included), which needs to be attached to the wheel of your choice.

Also, this is a bare mechanical chassis. A control system will need to be added to make this chassis come to life.

  • Width: 21" (suggested, measuring from outside face of gearbox to opposite outside face)
    • With the Cross Hex Tubes included, this could be as much as 23"
  • Length: 20" (gearbox extrusion length)
  • Height: 3"
  • Estimated Chassis Weight: 17 lbs
  • Estimated Load Capacity: 400 lbs (based on wheels)
  • Motors: Two CIM Motors (am-0255)
  • Estimated Maximum Speed: (depends on wheels)
  • Estimated Maximum Output Torque at Each Powered Wheel: 20 ft-lb
Included Hardware: Recommended wheel options:
Don't forget to buy Hubs and Spacers for each of these wheels.

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