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  Power Distribution Board (am-0865)

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Product Overview:
This versatile power distribution board was a standard component on FIRST Robotics Competition robots during the 2009-2014 competition seasons.

The Power Distribution Board (aka: PD board) houses circuit breakers, routing voltage out to motor controllers, circuit breakers, and other electronic equipment. WAGO connectors are used for wire termination, requiring no soldering or crimping. For ALL detailed information, please see the FIRST Robotics Control System Component Database. Look to Chapter 3 of the control system manual. (the description below is an excerpt from the Database linked above)

This part has been manufactured by Total Electronics in Logansport, Indiana. This is similar to the old Power Distribution board made in 2008 by Diversified Systems. However, this part is supported under a 30-day warranty while the 2008 version is not. This is the reason why this product is more expensive and listed separately from the old PD board.

The PD Module is used to safely distribute battery power via thermal breakers and WAGO connectors, and also includes a set of power supplies for various devices.
  • battery input voltage range of 6-15V
  • M6 shanks for battery connection
  • Sufficient copper mass and low-resistance distribution for use with a 120A main breaker supplying the module
  • 8 outputs that support up to 40A breakers
  • 12 outputs that support up to 30A breakers
  • 24V/1.5A boost supply with on-board 1.1A PTC for over-current protection (typically for powering a cRIO from National Instruments)
  • 5V/3A buck supply with integral over-current protection (typically for powering an Ethernet camera)
  • 12V/2A boost supply with on-board 2A PTC for over-current protection (typically for powering a WiFi adapter, the boost supply tracks battery voltage when the battery is fully charged and greater than 12V)
  • Reverse battery protection for the cRIO, WiFi, and Camera power supplies
  • LEDs for each power supply
  • The main power lugs are M6 posts. They will break if over-torqued.
    • The maximum recommended torque is 3.9 Nm (34 in-lb).
    • Break torque 10 Nm - Destruction of threaded shank
    • Break Torque 25 Nm - Destruction of the press-fit pins
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Size: 8.92 x 5.67 x 1.50 inches
  • Power connections:
    • 20 or 30 amp: 12
    • 40 amp: 8
Please contact AndyMark at sales@andymark.com for any sort of warranty issue on these 2012 versions. AndyMark does not support the 2008 versions under any sort of warranty, as they are the property of FIRST.

Fix for a Broken Lug:

The main terminal posts, or lugs have a M6x1.0 threaded post. If one of these posts are broken by the user, this is not a warranty issue that is fixable by AndyMark or Total Electronics. However, we can suggest a fix that you might be able to do on your own. This fix involves inserting a flat head screw to take the place of the post that was broken. Here are some suggested steps to make this fix:

1. Choose which sort of screw (M6x1.0, M5x0.8, #10-32, #10-24, 1/4-20, 1/4-28) to replace this post. You will need to choose a flat head screw that is at least 1 inch long.
2. Remove the plastic housing
3. Grind down the broken stub so it is flat with the square shaped base of the stub
4. From the bottom side, drill a pilot hole for the screw you have chosen.
5. Tap the hole for this screw
6. Add a countersunk chamfer for the flat head screw from the bottom side
7. Insert your screw, you may want to use some thread locking adhesive (LocTite, VibraTite) when inserting the screw.

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Power Distribution Board June 6, 2014
Reviewer: from  
Easy to connect all the power distribution in the robot.  Easy to install the fuses, overall a great product and very easy to install.

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Great product! April 2, 2014
Reviewer: Tim Sumpter from Waterloo, IL United States  
Great product, fits the need for our product!

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Takes a Beating March 10, 2014
Reviewer: Jim Cash - Jersey Voltage! from Jersey Village, TX United States  
We ordered a spare PDB for out practice bot.  Shipped out quickly and the quality lives up to the excellence we have come to expect from AndyMark.

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January 17, 2014
Reviewer: Lonny Weissman from San Jose, CA United States  

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D January 16, 2014
Reviewer: William Patterson from Blythewood, SC United States  

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