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  Modulox Lunch Box (am-0846)

Price: $199.00

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Product Overview:
AndyMark, Inc. is happy to introduce a new line of gearboxes called "Modulox". These gearboxes are designed by engineers from iR3 Creative Engineering, from Orlando, Florida. iR3 brings may years of experience within the FIRST Robotics Competition, and they have this new gearbox concept to make available to the robotics community.

The purpose of this gearbox system, or "Modulox", is to provide a unique modular and flexible solution for prototyping drive mechanisms.

The Modulox system is a modular gearbox solution which uses innovative packaging that allows for an unparalleled level of flexibility in design. The key design feature allowing this modularity is a unique set of keyed bearing blocks that, when tightened, lock the gears in place. Hex shafts and bearings are used to allow for a high level of interchangeability.

"Lunch Box" Modulox Gearbox is shipped un-assembled, in a kit form.

The CIM Motor is NOT included in this gearbox. This motor must be purchased separately.

Motor Input:
"Lunch Box" Modulox Gearbox accepts one 2.5 inch CIM Motor. Hardware is included for attaching one of these motors.

Included Hardware:

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