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This is the perfect fit to connect any 12V Lead Acid Battery, like the ES12-12 to either our 1-Bank or 3-Bank chargers. It also helps connect the Battery Beak to 12V Lead Acid or 7.2V/9.6V/12V NIMH batteries. Or, you can connect to a battery with our Battery Cable installed, and connect to your needs using the Alligator Clips. On the Anderson Power Connector end, the connectors are crimped with a 6-ton pneumatic crimping tool, the others are crimped to Alligator Clips for easy attachment to terminals.

  • Weight: 0.12 pounds
  • Length: Approximately 12-15 inches
  • Connector Type: SB-50A Anderson Power Products connector & Color Coded Alligator Clips
  • Gauge: 12