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Cheap & Dirty Electronics For Kiwi Drive (am-3414)

Price: $485.00

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The Cheap & Dirty Electronics for Two Motors is a great way to get started with controlling your robot--but what happens when you have to control three motors, like with our Kiwi Drive Chassis Kit? Enter the Cheap & Dirty Electronics for Kiwi Drive! This package starts with the standard electronics package and adds a third Victor SP speed controller, the parts to wire it all up, and the all-important Omni Mixer so that your controller's standard X-Y joystick commands are translated into commands that make a kiwi drive able to drive, rotate, and strafe effectively.

Included Hardware: Not Included:
  • Battery Charger not included, we sell a 3 Bank, 6AMP charger here
    • Or you can find one at your local Walmart or hardware store

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