AndyMark, Inc.
Our Team of Experts

AndyMark develops, manufactures, and distributes mechanical and electrical parts for the mobile and competitive robotics market, with a focus on robotics education. Formed in 2004, AndyMark, Inc. aims to support and grow robotics education and innovative designs for mobile robots. The AndyMark staff strives to support the FIRST Community and the robotics education market by developing and distributing important components to robot builders.

AndyMark's staff has over 200 years of
FIRST team experience, and provides staffing services to many robot competition events throughout the year. Our Kokomo, Indiana home provides a central location for quick distribution across North America. We also have much experience shipping internationally to over 60 countries.

From 2007 to 2011, AndyMark was a tenant within the Inventrek technology park in Kokomo. We outgrew Inventrek in the fall of 2011 and moved in to a commercial building we now call home. Also, AndyMark was named "Business of the Year" for 2011 by the Kokomo Chamber of Commerce. Currently, AndyMark is one of the leading distributors and makers of robotics parts within the robotics mobility and competition market.


AndyMark, Inc. strives to develop innovative products and outstanding service while inspiring our customers and making a positive impact in our community.

Andy Baker

President & Owner

Andy is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked at Delphi Automotive for 15 years before leaving to work full time at AndyMark, Inc. in 2007. When Andy started at Delphi in 1992, his co-workers were the mentors on one of the initial 28 FRC teams. In 1998, Andy joined that team (FRC 45, TechnoKats Robotics Team) and was a TechnoKat mentor for 15 years.

During those years on team 45, Andy developed and communicated many designs which are now standards in FIRST. For this effort, Andy was awarded the Championship Woodie Flowers Award in 2003. Andy founded the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI), Indiana FIRST, the Indiana FIRST Workshops, and serves as a Woodie Flowers Award judge. He even designed the WFFA trophy. Andy is now leading FRC team 3940, at Northwestern High School, where his daughters are active team members.

Andy is active in the Kokomo community, and has acted as a coach, leader and mentor within many organizations. Andy and his wife, Mary, have three wonderful daughters, and enjoy living in Kokomo where they are members of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.

Mary Baker

Director of Customer Service

Mary has been with the company when it started in her garage and home office in June, 2004. She joined the AndyMark staff in 2007 as Shipping and Customer Service Manager when it moved out of her home. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political Science from Indiana University.

Mary’s FIRST team experience has been with FRC Team 45 beginning in 1998 and 3940 since 2012. She currently is a mentor on FIRST Team 3940 CyberTooth. Mary is married to Andy Baker and is the mother of three amazing daughters, who have all been involved in FIRST Lego League and FIRST Robotics Competition teams. What she enjoys most about her job is working within the FIRST community and with people who share a passion of inspiring young people to learn more about science, technology and exploring their individual potential.

Ben Hillesheim

Director of Accounting

Ben's background is managing and operating hotels. Before coming to AndyMark, Ben was the operations manager at many hotels in Texas, Florida, and Indiana. He has expertise in accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources. He's new to AndyMark and is quickly learning about all of our great customers and applications.

Jerry Budd

Director of Engineering

Robot Controls Engineer, IT, Webmaster, anything you need. Jerry joined the AndyMark staff in 2010. He earned a BS in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology from Purdue University. He has been involved in FIRST Robotics for several years as a College Mentor/Staff Mentor on Team 461 and as an Engineering Mentor on Team 3098. Jerry has served as a FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) 2008, 2011, 2012 at various regional and Championship events. His position at AndyMark allows Jerry to work with high school students within the FIRST community and see first-hand their eagerness to learn how things work. Plus, he gets to learn from them!

Mark Stults

Director of Operations

Mark's history with AndyMark precedes AndyMark--he and Andy attended college together at the University of Evansville! Paths diverged, and Mark gained over 25 years of experience in logistics, project management, and operations management. Mark (no, not that Mark) joined us in April 2014, and one week later was with us at the FIRST Championship. He's been hooked ever since!

Annette Smith

Procurement Manager

Annette has been in a Purchasing role for over 16 years now, but joined the AndyMark staff in 2012. She loves the challenge of buying all of the pieces and parts for our wonderful customers. Every year comes with new obstacles, and she has become a master at sourcing those "chosen" parts. She also has been volunteering at FIRST events and mentoring Cybertooth 3940 for the past 3 years.

Bea White

Warehouse Technician

Brett Heininger

Web and Media Technician

Brett got his initial taste of FIRST as a spectator at the 2005 Boilermaker Regional during a Boy Scout field trip in middle school. It was then he knew he wanted in on the action. Brett is an alumnus of FRC Team 1529 the CyberCards, from Indianapolis, Indiana. He joined the AndyMark team in 2011 as a warehouse technician and now handles our videos and getting new products to the website. He enjoys field supervising in season for FIRST Robotics Competition events and serving as FIRST Technical Advisor at off-season events for us.

Connor Forbes
Order Fulfillment Supervisor

Craig Kessler
Controls Development Engineer

Craig started out as an inquisitive kid, tearing apart everything he could get his hands on to see how they worked. During nearly 25 years at GM/Delco/Delphi Electronics, he did everything from high volume manufacturing support, manufacturing process development, embedded software for audio and HVAC, and finally validation test development for Safety Products. Craig joined the AndyMark team in 2013 as a Development Engineer focused on electronics projects including the Thrifty Throttle 1 and 2, Motor Meter 1 and 2, Current Sensor, and the FIRST Tech Challenge Beacon.
Daniel Bravo
Software Engineer

Daniel started working for AndyMark in 2011 as an intern. With a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science he is now in charge of software development within AndyMark. He enjoys volunteering in many different roles at FIRST events, both in the regular season and the off-season. He is also an alumni and mentor of team 461, the Westside Boiler Invasion. He has been doing FIRST for 13 years now as a student, mentor, and volunteer, and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

Danny Blau

Design Engineer

Danny Blau started his FIRST career in the FIRST LEGO League program in 2002 playing City Sites. He was exposed to FRC from his 8th grade year as he attended meetings with his older brother and father in the team's rookie season (FRC 1259). Being an active member for all 4 years of high school (2005-08) was a hugely foundation experience and set Danny on his current career trajectory.

With a FIRST scholarship in hand, Danny started collage at the Milwaukee School Of Engineering studying for a mechanical engineering degree. For his junior year, Danny transferred to the University of Minnesota to study aerospace engineering. There he was able to participate in the Collegiate Aerial Robotics Demonstration (CARD) at the 2011 FIRST Championship.

Danny's continuous involvement in FIRST since 2002 now gives him the proud distinction of being in FIRST for more than half of his life! You can see (and hear) Danny out at FRC and FTC events in the Indiana area emceeing in his favorite orange shirt. Within AndyMark, Danny works on new and improving products and has helmed the development of the FTC game fields and other FTC related products.

Jeff Taylor

Warehouse Technician/CNC Operator

Jeff started his FIRST adventure as a part of team 1529, the CyberCards. His passion for all things robots has led him to volunteering for various IndianaFIRST competitions, in which he found out about an opportunity to be part of AndyMark. At AndyMark, he gets to play a role in making sure every team has the opportunity to build a great robot.

Jeff’s background is primarily in music, and now volunteers as the local DJ for all IndianaFIRST events.

Jeff also drives the AndyMark box truck to and from events, both in-season and off-season.

Jerimiah Keiter

CNC/Assembly Tech

Jon Kentfield

Manufacturing Manager

Jon has been involved with FIRST since middle school. Having earned his MS in Engineering Management, he joins the AndyMark team as our Manufacturing Manager. He has stayed involved because the program is what inspired him to pursue his higher education. As an FRC mentor, and as a referee for FRC, FTC and FLL, he has seen the moment that students "get it," and that has inspired him to continue his work with FIRST. His position at AndyMark allows him to have a part in the student's success which is "wicked awesome."

Josh Keiter

CNC/Assembly Tech

Josh started at AndyMark doing picking and packing before moving up to manage receiving and quality testing of parts as they arrive. A 2000 graduate of Lewis Cass High School, he joined us after over 12 years at Menard's as an assistant manager in their receiving department. When he's not spending time with his girlfriend of 17 years Heather or his two children, you can often find him working on remote-controlled cars and trucks that rival many FIRST robots in top speed.

Liz Smith

Applications Engineer

Liz was a student on FRC team 555 in Montclair, NJ and since then she has been volunteering at FIRST events and mentoring teams. She earned her bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. She has been a FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) since 2009.

Lori McDaniel

Accounting Manager

Lori graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Management and a minor in Accounting. She was employed by EDS for 8 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. After raising 3 wonderful children, she was ready to rejoin the workforce. Lori started part time with AndyMark back in 2010 helping with shipping. She became full time in 2011 and works in the Business Office with Purchase Orders and Accounts Receivable. Lori enjoys working with the customers and meeting them in person at the competitions.

Nathan Massouda

Mechanical Design Engineer

Nathan has been involved with FIRST for well over a decade, starting out on the FIRST LEGO League team The MOEstangs. He progressed through the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams of Delaware's MOE 365, members of the FIRST Hall of the Fame, before graduating from Delaware Technical Community College's Mechanical Engineering Technology program. After graduation, he continued mentoring MOE and FRC team 3929, the Atomic Dragons, while working at DuPont as a Technologist in the Engineering Mechanics group.

When you don't see him testing new products for us or mentoring FRC team 3940, CyberTooth, you can often find Nathan behind the lens photographing something.

Nick Lawrence

Mechanical Designer

Nick started working for AndyMark as a mechanical design intern in 2014. Nick began his FIRST career on a FIRST Lego League team in 2005, founded by FIRST Robotics Competition team 1503 Spartonics in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, which he joined in 2007. Through his time on 1503, Nick was exposed to many different STEM career paths and trades, but was ultimately inspired by the mechanical design process of FIRST Robotics Competition robots. This led Nick to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and he graduated from Mohawk College of Arts and Applied Technology in 2016.

Through his time as a college student, Nick was a college mentor on FIRST Robotics Competition team 610, Crescent Robotics in Toronto, ON from 2012-2013, and as well as team 3940 CyberTooth in Kokomo, IN for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Nick also helped found team 5406 Celt-X in Hamilton, Ontario during the fall of 2014, and served as a college mentor on that team during his final semester of school in the 2016 season.

Nick now mentors CyberTooth once again as a mechanical design and manufacturing mentor, and has been emceeing FIRST Robotics Competition events since 2013.

Rick Pease
Controls Development Engineer

Rick started in FIRST on his high school robotics team, FRC 2337, and has been hooked ever since. His favorite part about being on a FIRST team is helping students develop skills to track down bugs in wiring and software. At AndyMark, Rick works to create new electronics to help teams troubleshoot robots and compete at events.

The best of the AndyMark Personnel

So many helping hands makes AndyMark what it is. We are blessed to have an entire floor of assembly technicians, pickers and packers, business office specialists, and more. Without them we would be nowhere near as able to reach as far as we have, and continue to push further.

AndyMark Summer 2017 Interns