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Mecanum Wheels Omni Wheels Plaction Wheels
Mecanum wheels can be used to create drive trains capable of moving any direction. With each wheel independently driven, the robot will move forward, backwards, and sideways.
These wheels provide tractive drive in forward and reverse, but very little resistance to sideways movement.
Plastic + Traction = Plaction. These polycarbonate wheels are designed for superior traction. Use our replaceable wedgetop or roughtop tread.
Performance Wheels Pneumatic Wheels Rubber Treaded Wheels
These high strength aluminum wheels are designed for high performance. Choose from a variety of tread options, bore size, and bearing size.
High traction, grippy, air-filled rubber tires designed with a custom AndyMark hub.
These non-marking durable wheels provide high traction on many surfaces for a low cost.
Tread Wheel Mounting Kits
Different tread materials and patterns provide various levels of grip on wheels for drive trains and mechanisms.
Wheel Mounting Kits