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6" Rubber Treaded Wheel w/ 1/2" Bearings (am-0148)
6" Rubber Treaded Wheel w/ 1/2" Bearings (am-0148)
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Product Overview:
This is the 2008 FIRST Wheel, provided to FRC teams in the Kit of Parts, with two R8 ball bearings (1/2 inch bore) pressed into each wheel.

  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • Body Material: black polycarbonate
  • Tread Material: 75A durometer urethane rubber
  • Bore: 0.500 inch diameter bearing bore
  • Weight: 0.51 pounds
  • Bolt Pattern: six holes (0.17 inch diameter) on a 1.875 inch diameter bolt circle
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.9 static (on tight pile carpet)
Use #10-24x3/4 thread forming screws to attach sprockets or hubs to this wheel. Three (3) screws are sufficient for each wheel.

With Sprocket: With Bearings:
  • To press beaings into this wheel (for a free spinning wheel or for use with a sprocket), two ball bearings need to be pressed into the wheel (one on each side). The ball bearing must have a 1.125" od. For a 1/2" id, use am-0030. For a 3/8" id, use am-0573.
Changes from 2007 FIRST Wheel
  • More material has been added to each of the spokes, adding significant structural support
  • More support for the bearing wall has been added
  • A harder durometer rubber makes up the treads, providing less traction compared to the 2007 wheel
  • Treads are a slightly darker color of gray

Made in the USA:

Bearings were not made in the USA. All other components were designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.

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