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TileRunner Upgrades
TileRunner Upgrades
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Product Overview:
TileRunner is setting the new standard for drive systems in FIRST Tech Challenge, but we always designed it to be configured in many different ways to suit the teams using it. From multiple gearbox locations and options to wheel choices, TileRunner gives you endless adjustment to build your robot your way.

To give teams a head start, we identified five common upgrades on TileRunner's standard drive system. These upgrade kits cover a wide range of use cases, from high-speed maneuvering to moving heavy loads with ease and loads of grip and are used with the TileRunner (am-3437):
Also find each of these upgrades in complete kits on the TileRunner page.

Included Parts For TileRunner Omni Upgrade (am-3456):
Included Parts For TileRunner GTO Upgrade (am-3734):
Included Parts For TileRunner BullDozer Upgrade (am-3457):
Included Parts For TileRunner Mecanum Upgrade (am-3455):
Included Parts For TileRunner Hulk Upgrade (am-3459):

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