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S3 Simple Super Structure Ecosystem -- The Top Choice for FIRST Tech Challenge Teams
S3 is AndyMark's new system for FIRST Tech Challenge teams that want to build effective robots in a tight package. Every design choice was considered in the context of what most FTC teams already have and use, but we took it to the next level.

16mm Box Tubing is Stronger, Smaller, and Plays Well With Others

Our exclusive 16mm box tubing solves two common problems with existing systems used in FTC: making everything fit in the tight confines of the 18" cube, and making everything hold up to the rigors of increasingly heavy loads. Compared to channel, the fully-boxed cross section is stronger in compression, tension, and torsion. Our line of gussets and standard 6-32 hardware provides easy connections between tubes, to our PicoBox and TileRunner, and to most other building systems including Tetrix, Matrix, goBilda, and REV.

Versatile Hole Pattern Pilots And Provides Adjustment
Every 16mm on each face of S3 Tubing is a hole or a stop. Two opposing faces are slotted, which is perfect for mechanisms and structures that need adjustment like compression on a shooter or intake, chain tension, and even static structures that just aren't perfectly aligned. The other two faces feature 8mm bores centered between the existing holes. This allows you to use many of our products that already sport an 8mm boss, like Nubs, PicoBox gears, and our new 6mm shaft bushing. Use a double boss Nub, and the selection expands to include our 24-tooth sprocket, Ninja Star and Samurai Series sprockets, 8mm bore Stealth Wheels, 4" SD Mecanum wheels, 4" aluminum Omni Wheels, and more!

Motion Connections User Guide
Structural Connections User Guide
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S3 Tubing (am-3594) Simple Super Structure, Expansion Framing Kit (am-3729) Simple Super Structure, Basic Framing Kit (am-3730)
Simple Super Structure, Mega Framing Kit (am-3731) S3, Tee Gusset (am-3598) S3, Corner Gusset (am-3606)
S3, Connector Gusset (am-3601) S3, Quad Gusset (am-3599) S3, 90 Degree Gusset (am-3602)
S3, Variable Degree Gusset (am-3603) S3, 32mm Pulley Plate (am-3686-32) S3, 64mm Pulley Plate (am-3686-64)
S3, Battery Mount (am-3687) 6 mm x 8 mm Bushing, Nylon (am-1289) 6-32 Nylock Jam Nut - Bulk Qty (am-1419)
5/16 in. Hex Female-Female Standoff, 16 mm (am-3685-16) 5/16 in. Hex Female-Female Standoff, 32 mm (am-3685-32) 5/16 in. Hex Female to Female Standoff, 64 mm (am-3685-64)
6-32 x 1 in. Hex Head Machine Screw - Bulk Qty (am-1426) Small Standoff Winch (am-3727) Large Standoff Winch (am-3728)